Instagram; the Unsolved Mysteries.

Disclaimer:  A couple of years ago I wrote a post about digital influencers, though it sparked anger on a couple of them that reversed it on my state of mind (whatever), I just want to warn anyone and everyone before hand that this post is about no specific Instagram user, so hold down your horses!

I will go straight into the subject and point out several things I have come to notice on IG without fully grasping its meaning/point.

1-  Everyone is a self- proclaimed public figure. What? Why? How? and what do you do in life Mr?Miss?Mrs??  Ok, Chill people… next

2- “Watch this space”. I am watching it. I follow you remember? I even turned the notifications on (again, remember that spam roll you went on to make us follow you religiously…) I am watching your space, you’d better post something relevant or else your space will be void of my watching..

3- The InstaStory/ Snapchat retro glasses. Seriously, go buy a pair please and enough with the fake plastered one..

4- Animalistic instincts? Enough with the deer/dog and now a new specie up and going around your head, although I see the resemblance with the real you (for most). Just enough already..

5- Customized hashtags anyone #Xloves, #Ylisting, #Ztravels . I don’t see the point as hashtags are considered to be a shortcut into finding a niche from around the world in one place blabla yet when you click on these specific customized nonsense, you sense that its the person who has created them living that bubble in his head. 

6- To those who post rarely yet when abroad > You traveled. Great. Why are we going to endure the spam that comes with it on our feed. We got it you are in #XTravel, #YinDubai .. oh look we infiltrated the above point here. You traveled, thats great, go enjoy your destination instead of it online, fully edited as well. 

7- Unnecessary comments such as “I love you” “Miss you”. From the looks of your social (media) life you were together two days ago. WTF? lucky you #Blessed #FriendshipGoals 

8- The new trend > Live videos. Take a chill pill, or at least go live doing something interesting. 

9- InstaStory dilemma. Its supposed to be a story, hence not a one picture posting. That’s what an IG profile is all about my dear.

10- Those with two profiles > one public and one private for friends and family. I wonder what is posted in the private one when all is already in the open in the public one? One of those mysteries, you don’t say…

11- The dedication to fans post celebrating Xk followers. Should we pat you on the back for the workload done? or the internet card in your wallet?

12- Those accounts with only selfies and quotes as captions. You, sweetheart, are unfollowed pronto.

13- Quotes and only quotes. You know there are specialized IG profiles for that. At least, implement what you are preaching sister.

14- Oh wait, I am done… Do you have any other points that puzzle you about Instagram ?

please do share it with me… and I hope that no one took this too seriously to the point of bashing me with comments…

Have a great week everyone and stay dry from all that rain!!!


ps: this nice featured pictured was taken randomly from the www when using a specific hashtag for exploration…. no way!!!! 


If you decide to do it – Don’t be AFRAID.

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This blog post goes out to all of you who are indecisive in taking the next big step in your life.

I know the struggle.

You want to spread your wings and fly away towards new horizons. Those, you have been dreaming for the last couple of months, if not years.

You want to become independent from the gripping hands of your surrounding.

You just want to get away from all the negativity and discouragement the ones around you have inflicted upon your person.

What’s worse in this dilemma is when your closed ones are those that will pull you further down instead of just giving you that extra push to let go and grasp your future.

Hereby I am writing to you, as I have experienced it first hand, why and how you should let go of their pettiness and jealousy and just throw yourself into oblivion.

  • Every one has a goal in life (those who don’t, well seriously, jump off a cliff). Your goal is yours. It is your baby and only you will work it, manage it, excel in it so as to succeed in it. No one will as they are not you. And thankfully will never be you.
  • A purpose in life is part of the cycle of life. You are put into this world to achieve something. Never underestimate your goal, never put others’ feelings about your purpose before your gut feeling.
  • Speaking of which, gut feeling is important. Gut feeling never lies nor unbalances you. It sets you straight towards attaining your goal and sometimes even better, abstain from certain decisions for better ones.
  • Critics are everywhere. And thank God for them. Never take them seriously, sometimes their reaction, behavior and opinion is what will let you remodel your purpose to excellency.
  • Jealousy? Well let’s face it, when a person is remotely jealous from another person’s vision, it is because he cannot relate. You will be surprised to notice that this same person has nothing going on with his own life, no goals, no achievements no nothing, hence that negative reaction. Logical right? (take a min and remember + think what I just said).
  • Always compare yourself to a successful friend, acquaintance or a family member. Their success will pave your way into the right direction.
  • Surround yourself with positive energy. If the household is pulling you down, grab your things and go work outside, in a coffeeshop or a co-work venue. You will surely be more focused, meet new people and get that pumped up energy into realizing you goal.
  • You don’t have your family support, fuck it! Haven’t you heard of the “friends become your chosen family” saying? Well now you have.
  • You have to, need to shine and make an impact in this life. Remember you are leaving a legacy behind , regardless its size. You are proving that the sky is your limit.
  • Most importantly, time is key. Stop delaying. Start.

My friends, the most important thing that I have learnt about achieving a long lost dream, is the effect of the reaction of your closed ones to it. I let discouragement and negativity affect me for a long time. But no more. Pursue your goals everyone. No one fails. because even if the outcome is not spectacular, but good, you know that the mere fact of daring and putting yourself out there is the most spectacular achievement of them all.

Love you all ❤

What YOU should NEVER take for granted.

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Embrace Day 1 of 2017. My first blogpost of the year.

Happy New Year everyone! I wished for each and every one of you a pleasant evening surrounded with your loved ones (did you keep the champagne pouring?). I wish you all an amazing year ahead. I know most of you are excited and anticipating what 2017 may be holding for you. Hopefully everything beautiful and positive.

For my first post of the year, I decided to share with you a few of the things that I unfortunately took for granted, only to have them come bit my ass when I least expected it. I am fully aware that many of you are familiar with the notions that I am going to enumerate, still it’s good to refresh one’s memory especially at the start of the year. Remember never let your guard down.


And I, by no means, mean friends in general, nor acquaintances. I mean your best friend, or to some who would prefer not to label the relationship, the ones you see almost everyday, the ones you are constantly on Whatsapp with (yeah calling is no longer IN), the ones you tag, mention and send screenshot(ted) conversations to. Yes those friends. You think you are close because of the one too many deep conversations together but never assume the esteem you have to this person is reciprocated 100%. Do not pour your soul into just anyone.


Some are blessed with family members who would sell their soul to see them succeed and happy. They would give their kidney to one another to see them peaceful. Some are hypocrites awaiting the downfall of their next to kin. Some are petty and ugly from the inside. Some will play with each other’s feelings to gain sympathy. Not everyone can claim his family to be his backbone.


Yes we are not getting younger. We are aging. I know most of you will not like the terms I am using but this is the reality. Your metabolism at 35 is not the same as when you were 25. Physically if you do not maintain yourself, you are going to put on extra pounds especially around the waist, the hip and the tricep/back area. Do not, and I repeat, do not find excuses of your weight gain from going to gym regularly (muscle mass gain). Have the full body mass exam at a dietician and you will be in for some surprise. A nip & tuck here and there is ok as long as you don’t go overboard (and look like someone else completely!).


Your health is very important. Do a full checkup once a year to be on the safe side. I know we tend to always put the doctor’s appointment at the back of our minds, especially dentists, but it is very important we set the date for that yearly check up. I postponed my dentist appointment the last 3 years that at 2016’s checkup I had so much to do, costing me an arm and a leg. Destress and go get that full body massage you have been craving since forever. We all deserve to splurge once in a while.


Are you with me? Yes we tend to take it for granted so much that we tend to postpone projects, phone calls, meetings and most importantly saying how much we love one other. We might be robbed by time when we least expect it. Never postpone, seize the day and amidst the turmoil and the obstacles, go for it, do it.


“Hamdellah” the year ended on a good note. I learnt from my mistakes and though disappointed by my expectations from others, I am grateful to know what awaits me from the external world, from friends and strangers alike. Life is a bitch for petty people. Karma is never on their side. Time is running fast, 2017 just started. Let’s not waste any more time. 2017 you are my year for everything. I will never take anything for granted anymore, especially not human beings. oh yeah I am considering adopting a dog …in 2017. 




Congrats! 20 signs that make you a “BookWorm”


I have always loved reading. I took part of the book challenge segment on Instagram (CR: of 27) this year and have more than 50 books to be read (TBR) waiting for me on the shelve. Added to that I am constantly growing my book list.

Help I’m a Book-aholic!

I sorted out a list below that are the symptoms of like minded people.

Enjoy the read!!

20 signs that will officially make you bookworm are the following:

. You have always been the kid with the book.

. You started wearing eyeglasses at an early age.

. Your parents always scolded you for reading past your bed time or/and (my fav) caught you reading with dim lights on (which they scolded you for it and found the cause of you wearing the eyeglasses in the first place).

. You always tuck a book in your purse.

. You walk the subway platform your nose in your book. You don’t mind waiting for a delayed bus as long as you are devouring that thriller with your eyes.

. You always try to read the title of the book anyone in public is carrying.

. Public Library card is a must in your wallet. You always wanna check out 5 books at a time but tend to only get 2 because of the time restraint.

. Panic attack occurs when you have finished your book and the library is closed the next day (F%$#K!!!!!!)

. You have a list of book to read ( which increases on a weekly basis).

. You have your shelves stocked with books that will take you a few months to finish yet you are still buying whenever in a bookstore.

. You liger hours at the bookstore. Swear you are not going to buy anything. Yet you can’t resist. One, just one!

. You always read the book before the movie.

. You always prefer the book to the movie.

. Sometimes you don’t even watch the movie. You don’t want to ruin the imaginative plot in your head.

. You prefer to stay in reading to going out on weekends.

. You go on dates with to Starbucks.

. You start following more bookish Instagram(mers) on social media and add their recommendations to your TBR list.

. You cannot resist smelling the inside of your book.

. You eye Kindle suspiciously . You will never switch to the E version format.

. You secretly wish to receive books as presents (and get all excited when you realize its format underneath the gift wrap).

SO are you a bookworm?

Trust me if not, you are missing on a lot.


Social Media turning into Virtual Insanity: Are you a Woof or a flower?

Wednesday night. Bob Marley top tracks streaming..

Home alone, I decided to focus on some social media activity through my laptop; you see the only interaction I have with Facebook and Instagram is through my mobile phone posting pictures and updating, every now and then, a provocative status.

I logged into Facebook and started reading the useless activities of some of my friends. Thank God to the unfollow button. To be honest many of you, my dear friends, are unfollowed because your daily updates and outings do not the least interest me. Thats a good alternative to the good old “un-friend” button especially if, like me, you do not feel like explaining yourself when confronted to that ‘friend’ live. And it’s rude to accuse someone of being a bore downright in the face, right? Right. On another note, can someone explain to me why when un-friended, you decide to ‘add’ me as a friend again? Aren’t you offended you were booted out of my list in the first place? Anyways back to the main topic.

Social media used to be a virtual place where you uploaded pictures, polished them a bit (if necessary) so as to level up professional snapshots and shared your interests to your followers and friends.

However, recently, the updated version of some of our social media apps have introduced the most useless activities ever. I don’t understand why you are proud in sharing with us a dog-version of yourself with your tongue out. Seriously? what is funny in that? and worse, why do you think that I, among many, will be interested in liking your post? Moreover, the mere fact of opening and closing your mouth in public looking at a screen in the palm of your hand and laughing uncontrollably by yourself just because you have turned into a dog, honestly alarms me!!

Last but not least, as if selfie culture was not emphasized enough, looks like every one of you girls are princesses worthy of a flowered crown. Have you for a split second, watched yourselves, when in public, twisting your head left and right to keep that damn virtual object on your head? What is the point of such a post? You are not in the 70s. I repeat you are not in the 70s. Now if it were a diamond encrusted crown…. Wake up people!

Social media is developing yes but with it, people hooked on it, are regressing. Let me say it plainly; you are becoming a stupid human being interested in the most superfluous and un-necessary virtual inventions out there. Worse, you are becoming part of the increasing brainless flock out there. Hence my lovelies, the un-follow button.

Now tell me, are you a Woof or a Flower person?



ps: I can’t wait to see what shape you will be introducing yourself in next time I decide to click on your unfollowed profile.