About Moi


I love winter; the rain, the thunder and the grey weather.

Obsessed with everything British related, London, UK, is my favorite city in the world.

Bookworm, I carry with me at all times my current read. If you lose me at the mall you will find me in a bookstore, pondering which novel to buy (bearing in mind 30+ to be read books await me back home).

Passionate about arts; the classics and the contemporary combined. Sotheby’s Institute of Art taught me well.

Amateur photographer; taking shots of sceneries and people in their most natural environment.

Relocated back (TO-Canada) after two decades; leaving behind the Middle Eastern chaos, a few genuine friends and my old blog “GarlikandSapphires”.

With a new city, comes new opportunities as well as challenges.

‘Patyl’s perspective’ is all about this new turning point in my life, this new chapter that I have dared to venture in. Whether it’s about art, culture, society, relationships & friendships, I will be giving you my take on these subjects, through my perspective of things.

Hope you will enjoy my journey and my thought.

Love you all


The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy. Its all that matters” Cesare Pavese






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