Dear Self ProClaimed Influencers… seriously FUCKING STOP!

DisclaimerWhen I come to think about it, there are people who studied physical education for three years, then further spent years attending workshops and getting a Master’s + a certification in personal training. While others self proclaimed themselves as passionate gym rats and wrongfully informed the public of health / fitness related issues. Seriously…. I dedicate this post to my real trainers, Alex & Majed. I feel with you with the rise of wannabes in your respective field.

So far we have all been transfixed with the rise of fashionistas and lifestyle bloggers that we did not notice a new segment lurking and paving way until it was too late. Let me introduce to you the “Fitness / Health influencers”. Who are these people? how much do they know about the fitness industry? Are they eligible in giving out health-based advice? and what about those amateurish(my favorite) fitness workout plans? Honestly? NO! (being polite). Let me rephrase that: honestly? FUCKING HELL NO!!! .

These last few years, almost everyone embraced the ‘healthy’ lifestyle trend. Hello Quinoa, Kale & smoothie, yoghurt & quail. And the list goes on. Ok dont get cross with me, oats, brown bread, egg white vs egg yolk drama, etc…… Some of us, started going to the gym regularly, others went a notch up and hired a personal trainer. Whereas a few, jumped on the boxing -wagon and started kicking a heavy bag left & right, Yogis & certified health coaches multiplied by the dozen. I applaud all of you who suddenly realized how precious life is. Living in a polluted and junked up world, you decided to take matters into your own hand(with or without guidance & help) and become healthy, fit, strong, yadi, yadi, da!


However, this stops here. Quite a few of you, stuck in a 9-5 corporate jobs, bored and taking solace at the gym only, decided to share your newfound wisdom with the rest of the world. And most importantly, for being cool, hip and all.

(You know social media being the trend now. Influencers being invited here and there. Freebies and perks. Having a social life, literally).

There are more important factors to take into consideration and I do not blame you for wanting to become popular (because let’s face it, that’s the sole purpose of amateurish self proclaimed influencers). I blame corporations who give you importance based on your fake number of followers and do not vet properly nor differentiate the real fitness freaks from the wannabe passionate ones.

Let me ask you something, apart from listening to your trainer’s advice on which exercise suits your body & goal, the articles you have read online on the benefits of such and such food component, who are you to claim yourself as a sports influencer and spread, most of the time, bullshit cliches info to your “followers”?

Did you even know that not all body types might be suitable to the circuit training you are proud of completing? That your food intake surely is suitable to your body type and not each and every one of us out there.

You are a fitness influencer? Then tell me, why doesn’t your figure prove it? I am not asking you to flaunt a model body type , but seriously you must show at least a strict minimum of toned muscles or some abs instead of some bulked up tricep and biceps. Furthermore, being fit does not mean you gulp down burgers and fries and then head to the gym and shake that booty. Eating healthy permits you to indulge in cheat meals but every once in a while and once you started building muscles and shredding those belly fats. Not before. But hey, life of an influencer is hard with all those free launching invites right? Mini- burgers anyone??

Dear Influencers, I do not know you personally, you seem like good kids figuring out life and all that jazz. I admire your passion and drive. However, try to take constructive criticism maturely and work on it, instead of only embracing happy, positive and (sometimes useless) interjections from your followers. I am not here to make friends nor to blindly be part of your fan club. I am especially not jealous (your goal & lifestyle is not what I aim for). I am just me, pointing out what the majority of people are saying in closed circles and yet do not dare to blurt it out.

Good Luck and I’m off to the Gym! (to train with a certified personal trainer in the field for more than a decade and no I am not entitled to share my fitness passion with you, YET!). Thank you!





What they omit telling you about Lebanon.

They love to brag about everything that is cliche about the country; the beach, the snow, the different sects living within, the rooftop parties, and blablabla…. but most importantly they omit to describe to you the truth.

The truth that every Lebanese knows about his 10452m2 heaven on earth but dare not say and sometimes shuns away from.

Bullet pointed below are few of these points based on reality fact checks:

  • First of all, and most importantly for anyone coming from abroad, the country stinks. Yes it stinks. If you do not believe me, please do travel for a few months, come back and tell me what hits you first thing you set foot outside the airport. A lousy stench. That’s what slaps your nostrils in the face.
  • Second of all, we all agree that Lebanon is no longer the Switzerland of the Middle East. Neither, can we be all high and mighty by thinking that we are better than the UAE. We are not. We are by far, worse than any of the Arab countries we so love to look down on. Take a mere example of how they abide by their rules (ex:transportation/road system/labor) and societal norms, while we live like pigs by disrespecting the law every chance we get or bending the rules to suit our livelihood and further trashing our already (literally) trashed country by throwing tissue out of our car.
  • The social rules and regulation set aside, this country is not only polluted, its citizen lacks hygiene. By the latter, I mean you cannot walk down the street without stumbling on dog poop. You just cannot have an enjoyable walk because you are too busy staring at the ground. To all dog owners out there who do not clean up behind their four legged furs I have one thing to say: I hope you slide and fall on dog poop next time you are out with ‘Vanilla’ / ‘Vodka’ (yes, because c’est pas cool de donner un nom commun a son chien-chien ).
  • Men are pig? Yeah maybe.. but Arab men are far worse. There is an alarming frustration /sexual tension among men from this part of the world. I think all women living in Lebanon will agree with me that one cannot go out in public wearing as she pleases without being harassed. Before you jump down my throat, I am not talking to the fashionistas who wear their mini shorts and parade from one place to another in their cars hence cannot be subjected to such degrading behavior. I am talking about women who prefer to walk their way around like me and although wearing your basic jeans and t-shirt or knee length shorts are subjected to ogling eyes and orgasmic interjections from men (young/old alike). Do not tell me you haven’t witnessed slow moving cars and the generosity of drivers letting you cross the street while their eyes focusing on your Bs (boobs & butts ladies!).
  • I think one thing that I have not, till this day, understood, is the popularity of the New Range. Range Rover, New Range, whatever the name and model, I think you visualized the car. Lebanese love this car. No wait. They worship this car. This mean of transportation equals status, class and wealth. Oh how I would love to slap some sense into this visual cliche. This car might be worth 150,000$ when bought the latest year of production, full option and brought from the nest (Europe), however I have seen so many buying them second (if not third) hand from car dealerships and on installment (end price say 25,000$) just so they can parade on the ill-made roads of the city. Still acting like a snob because of your vehicle? Well think again, my mechanic (with all due respect) has just bought his NR and I am pretty sure he is not as wealthy as he wants to show / be. Your car is so overrated!
  • Open minded? Free? No we are not open minded. Nor are we free. We like to show that we are. Thank God we are not oppressed like the citizens of the KSA. But we are not open minded nor are we free to act as we please. If its not the stone age laws that sets us back, it is the social norm/ mentality that does.

I don’t know about you but a caricatural image of a sort has formed in my mind when re-reading this post. I am not trying to mock the country. I am simply stating facts and the truth of every day real life in Middle Eastern Lebanon.

Tell me you haven’t felt, witnessed and thought about the above mentioned points.

Be honest.