Congrats! 20 signs that make you a “BookWorm”


I have always loved reading. I took part of the book challenge segment on Instagram (CR: of 27) this year and have more than 50 books to be read (TBR) waiting for me on the shelve. Added to that I am constantly growing my book list.

Help I’m a Book-aholic!

I sorted out a list below that are the symptoms of like minded people.

Enjoy the read!!

20 signs that will officially make you bookworm are the following:

. You have always been the kid with the book.

. You started wearing eyeglasses at an early age.

. Your parents always scolded you for reading past your bed time or/and (my fav) caught you reading with dim lights on (which they scolded you for it and found the cause of you wearing the eyeglasses in the first place).

. You always tuck a book in your purse.

. You walk the subway platform your nose in your book. You don’t mind waiting for a delayed bus as long as you are devouring that thriller with your eyes.

. You always try to read the title of the book anyone in public is carrying.

. Public Library card is a must in your wallet. You always wanna check out 5 books at a time but tend to only get 2 because of the time restraint.

. Panic attack occurs when you have finished your book and the library is closed the next day (F%$#K!!!!!!)

. You have a list of book to read ( which increases on a weekly basis).

. You have your shelves stocked with books that will take you a few months to finish yet you are still buying whenever in a bookstore.

. You liger hours at the bookstore. Swear you are not going to buy anything. Yet you can’t resist. One, just one!

. You always read the book before the movie.

. You always prefer the book to the movie.

. Sometimes you don’t even watch the movie. You don’t want to ruin the imaginative plot in your head.

. You prefer to stay in reading to going out on weekends.

. You go on dates with to Starbucks.

. You start following more bookish Instagram(mers) on social media and add their recommendations to your TBR list.

. You cannot resist smelling the inside of your book.

. You eye Kindle suspiciously . You will never switch to the E version format.

. You secretly wish to receive books as presents (and get all excited when you realize its format underneath the gift wrap).

SO are you a bookworm?

Trust me if not, you are missing on a lot.



Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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