Lebanese Series; graduates from the same acting school?

Don’t look at me like that!

I have never been fond of Lebanese series/ movies. The only time I watched a series was while visiting my grandmother every night for two months in a row before she moved out of Lebanon. I was astonished by the quality of the series I was following; the story was appealing and intriguing, the main character young and very stylish. It was a love story full of suspense and similar to none (not that I have watched any series before – hearsay per se).

Flash forward a couple of months and it was my turn to move out and settle with my grandma. You all know how it is difficult to up-root old people whereas us, young adults, navigate and settle easier. One day I decided to give my grandma an enjoyable evening by searching for a Lebanese series. Hence started an internet- based series marathon. While she was enjoying the story and the characters, I was taking notes.

Lebanese series reflect Lebanese society realistically and truthfully, I can assure you that. The stories depict entangling relationships of the heart, the alarming schism between the rich and the poor. The latter’s struggle whereas the former’s shocking lifestyle.

The following are the points that I have gathered after watching three full Lebanese series:

1- The preferred mean of transportation is non other than the ‘New Range’ (surprise surprise ya jagal!!)

2- “Ana Kteer jou3an, khalina netlob sushi” (of course, sushi satisfies everyone’s hunger!)

3- Let’s zoom on those Louboutin and the H Hermes belt. How ridiculous is that Lebanese society’s nouveau rich (or spoilt adults)know how to flaunt their status through these two items only!!

4- Rise of french terminologies (Oui mon cher?)

5- Looks like the series cannot live without the help either (Rosita coffee please!).

6- Lebanese women we know you have been voted many times “most beautiful women in the world” (although in my opinion, it’s your make-up artist that should have bene given some sort of award) but seriously waking up in fully untouched face paint, really?

7- Secondary cast gives a feel of reading the script, not acting it. Especially those played as nurses, waiters. Emotion= zero. Robotic babble= 10).

8- Within two of the series that I have watched, the principle male character is a chauvinist patriarchal being and his love interest has no problem abiding by his decisions. I don’t know about you, but young female adults nowadays have reached their independence and I am sure that they would never allow some macho so-called charismatic man treat them that way. Just stop showing women weak with love!!

9- The disparity between the poor and the rich is phenomenal. Yes truly, you either are rich or you are poor. The in between live off credit only for show-off purposes.

10- Have you ever encountered a married couple not giving a kiss on the lip to one other? I have! in every Lebanese series ever.

The series that I have watched recently, back to back, are rich and poor at the same time. Rich in content/plot yet poor in acting. I don’t know about you, but actors seem to have graduated from the same acting school and I believe that they have a long way for their acting to become natural on screen. Sometimes I feel that they would be better off acting in the theater than behind a recorder. You know, theatrics and all.

One word of advice, when scenes of fight are to be rolled, please do keep the camcorder straight instead of giving us a headache and an epileptic seizure. Teach the cast how to throw a fist instead of giving the audience a spasm by rolling the camera left to right and up and down in a fit.

Thank you !






Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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