We live in a ‘Digital’ World. Blah! we do!

We live in a digital age where we’ve been told that our worth is based on artificial beauty (thank you instagram filters & apps), the number of likes we accumulate over our polished pictures (again thanks filters & apps) and the increase of followers our profile magnetize.

We live in a world where privacy is a faded terminology. Even for those whose profile is tight ‘private’, the content is not so to the thousand of ‘friends’ privileged to have been filtered within that circle.

We live in a world where going out means more of a ‘strike a pause’ contest and a two or three ‘group’ photos rather than enjoying the moment and catching up with whomever we decided to ‘go out’ with that particular day/night. Dilemma hits when tagging or mentioning the ones in the picture because usually we have no clue who that chick at the far right side is but what the hell this is my clique and ‘you can’t sit with us!’.

In this new digitally globalized era, we always tend to seek comfort & refuge behind the virtual world.

A world we have created ourselves following the footsteps of those ‘flawless’ creatures within society.

A world we have created ourselves so as to seek approval and higher gratification from friends and strangers alike.

A world that gives us the morale boost much needed whenever we are down; from filtered social encounters we both know is not close to reality to picture perfect selfies we know does not do justice to face time reality.

I feel sad towards those who live their fake lives religiously. A couple of years ago, I was having coffee with a ‘friend'(described above) who confided in me that ‘real friends’ are hard to keep. She admitted that she felt lonely most of the times and life was a bore. At that moment all I wanted to say was:

“You are a dumb- ass for living your life to satisfy your ego through other peoples’ consent. Life is a unique experience tailored differently to each and every one of us. Our feelings and behaviors cannot be copied nor cloned. Love yourself. Be content. Love and you will be loved for you”.

However, I merely nodded because I knew that starting a debate to comfort my ‘friend’ will lead to nowhere.

Not sharing or making the effort to comply to society’s standard of “joie de vivre” does not mean that you are a loner or/and a loser. On the contrary, you know the boundaries of disclosing your private life and enjoy yourself truly with your friends.

As for now, I will leave you so as to scroll down my instagram feed and laugh a bit on the spams, I mean pictures, my ‘friend’ just posted with her clique!!





New you? NewME!


You all were used to GarlikandSapphires and my rants on everything Lebanese. Well for those who enjoyed my honest opinions and direct accusations, less will they be thrilled to know that I have moved on (literally) from the negativity and started fresh away, in a far away land (see previous post). Let me be brief, if you want to know what this whole reshaped blog will be all about, just click on my “About Moi”at the top right of the page and discover me.

Now let’s get back to the main topic in hand.

For a while now, I have been witnessing a change in attitude, as well as career path among my expat friends, and one that has truly caught my attention was my dear friend, Yasmina AliHassan’s transformation. You see, Yasmina is a very bubbly, full of life, straight to the point kinda girl, my kinda girl. She travelled to Dubai a decade ago and settled with a job and created herself an entourage with like minded group of friends. That was a very bold move for Yasmina and yet she did it. That’s Yasmina.

Recently, I discovered that she quit her job and ventured in entrepreneurship. She became her own boss, #laladyboss, as she describes herself in on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/la_yasminaa/). I was intrigued as I am skeptical as to when Lebanese venture in opening their own businesses, especially women and their never- ending love affaire with fashion and #becomingtheITfashionista.

Yasmina took a completely different path. A path of self growth. A path of establishing communication and most importantly in reaching out to others by spreading her knowledge and helping in their self growth. Life Coaching and particularly, The NLP approach.

Neuro- Linguistic Programming is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1970s. The latter claim a connection between the neuro-logical processes, language and behavioral patterns learned through experience and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.

Ok, honestly, I was perplexed at the second part of this definition and friends that know me, would know that I am not attracted to this new era life coaching trend. But I was curious and clicked on the video posted by my friend. And for 5 whole minutes I was mesmerized by the content of what I was hearing. My friend surely knew how to deliver her message. Unconsciously I found myself clicking on the website and read all about her new endeavor.

NewMe.ae is the fruit of David Sorreluz and Yasmina AliHassan’s passion. Both, young adults passionate about Health and Self- Improvement. While David offers personal training, Yasmina helps with your inner growth. Both combined, I cannot imagine the result for any person seeking for change.

As mentioned on David’s FB intro, NewME = A Game Changer! and the Co-founder’s words  couldn’t be clearer about their venture:

Being a member of NewMe will naturally be beyond beneficial to you because you will be going through an amazing experience while transforming your body and expanding your mind, your thoughts, learning more about yourselves, your partners and your surroundings.
The more results you are going to see, the better the experience is going to be.
After 13 sessions, you will be aware of the great distance you have taken from your old self and you are going to realize the full potential of your NewMe.”  

Testimonials on their website prove the above mentioned words >(http://www.newme.ae) and check their FB page (https://www.facebook.com/newme.ae/ ).

I encourage anyone interested to click on the website link above and immerse yourselves in NewMe.

Yasmina I wish you all the best. I will be back for some more and maybe for some online life-coaching, why not! In the meantime awaiting for your weekly videos.

Happy Sunday