Reverie On the Vine; The Mukhi Sisters

Tuesday the 10th of May 2016, 5pm sharp, a date to remember. The much anticipated new collection of famous Lebanese/Indian jewelry designers, the Mukhi Sisters, was launched at their boutique in Beirut Souks, downtown Beirut.

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For the last ten days, social media was buzzing with pictures of the campaign. The three talented sisters along side creative director Laurent Saad, photographer Elie Rezkallah, make-up artist, Ivanna Salameh and production team Plastik Studios paved way to one of the most eye-catching artistic creation for fine jewelry of all time.

According to PR &Sales Manager Meena Mukhi, “hard work and team spirit and ambition pays off”. I was mostly intrigued behind the inspiration that led to such creative pieces and when inquiring about that, Meena enfolded the story behind “Reverie on the Vine”.

“The collection celebrates the beauty of Nature, capturing shades of colour and energy of sunsets. It is about noticing what is overlooked , appreciating the tiny details and the glory of simplicity. It is about revisiting patterns and shapes, awakening to stillness and tranquility while sensing the rawness and wild intrigue. Reverie on the Vine is about experiencing lush amazement. The collection evolves with the changing seasons. Matt yellow, gold, vibrant colors, rich greens, mirrors that reflect the soul, pearls for a touch of contrast (leaves, flowers..) combine to make earrings, pendants, hair buckles, and other items of full character.”

And where did the sisters get their inspiration from? Simply in nature, specifically while hiking and exploring the mountainous areas of their home country, Lebanon. A collection of this grandeur does not emerge over night. The process took over one year and with patience, dedication and hard work, Reverie on the Vine saw light yesterday to the public.

A launch that attracted many fashion lovers, digital influencers, and simply loyal friends who have been following Maya, Meena and Zeenat for five years since they ever set shop in Beirut Souks. A launch that buzzed the Jewelry Souks with vibrant, stylish and ever down to earth crowd with one thing in common; the belief in and love for the Mukhi Sisters.

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Congrats my beautiful friends!!!

ps: #CharliAtTheSouks surely was the proudest of all 😉