Why I will never work a 9-5 job in Lebanon again!

Note to you my readers: Yes you read right! and let me take a few minutes of your time to elaborate the above mentioned statement.



I graduated from the Lebanese American University with a MBA and I can assure you the university gained (financially) more from my presence throughout the two years than I did its aftermath (4+ years and counting).

To be honest with you, my cv does not consist at all of the two pages every Lebanese loves to fill with extensive working experience so as to brag about at each interview and during family reunions/ friendly gatherings. I am happy for anyone out there securing him/herself with jobs whether they like what they are doing or not (especially nowadays with the economical crisis our country is going through).

My working experience in this country has taught me a lot. It emphasized further more the disgusting Lebanese mentality (that I dread) that I live in and can not wait to escape in the future. A mentality that is here to stay no matter what and the generations to come.

The following are the points that led me to stop doing an effort and looking for a bureaucratic job in this city:

  1. First and foremost, you cannot land a proper job without a ‘wasta’ i.e. some big shot vouching your cv regardless of you having the proper diplomas required to fulfill your task. Hence, us wondering how a history major is working in a bank.
  2. Second of all, you can amass as much degrees as you can and obtain a graduate diploma, you are as good as the fresh graduate recruited in your department.
  3. A MBA won’t guarantee a bonus nor a raise. Say bye to the $$$ invested at one of the elite universities in the country.
  4. This goes to the women out there: If you and your boss share the same gender, then be prepared to a challenge. By experience, I have learnt that women managers are a pain in the ass. They just don’t seem to be professional and focused on their jobs as much as on your personal & social life (de preference gossiping). And if you do have one, a social life i mean, they will do their best to drown you with extra work and demands to fulfill on weekends.
  5. We all have gone through that moment where we wondered how the hell did X get promoted to being a “supervisor” or a “manager”. I have seen many who thought so highly of themselves that they forgot how they started.
  6. Most business owners in Lebanon (the most covet status in the workforce) believe that once they hire you for the job, they basically own you. With a salary less than 3 digit, they expect you to be 110% committed to the job 6 days a week for hours exceeding the normal weekly quota of 45hours. And yes you read that right, less than a 3 digit $ (bare in mind #3).
  7. The status of an employee is not protected as abroad. Basically you will get harassed by your colleagues with no legal actions being pursued against them because let’s face, you do not want to face trials that linger for years (Lebanese Judicial System ….let’s not even go there) and the famous “ma 3am nemza7 wlo” (i.e. we are joking come on).
  8. If you come from a respectable family who has made a name in society, your colleagues will label you from the first day you enter the doors of the establishment you are looking forward to build a career in.
  9. Continuing on #8; you will constantly be reminded of your family status in lame/so-called funny uncalled jokes (emphasizing the stuck up mentality you live in). The most recurring example would be and I state “why are you working? you are in no need of it. Some other person is in need for it”. Ha Ha right? Well yes thank God I am not relying on your petty 900$ for survival but am trying to work out a career.
  10. The atmosphere in each work place is depressing and full of negativity. No one is happy and you constantly hear bickering and nagging. Your ambitions are crushed by some washed up loser on the desk beside you, or by your superior who has doubts and suspicions of you presence in the company.
  11. A small advice to those business owners out there, whenever you want to hire a person try to treat them equally, put yourself in their shoes from time to tie and at least, once in a while, pat them on the shoulder for their hard work. If you are going to just ignore them just so they pick up and leave then just don’t hire anyone. If you want to continue pulling the strings yourself then go running your business solo.

Do I need to continue?

You wanna know what is the most funny thing I hear of my ‘unemployment’ status (by choice)?

Why don’t you open your own business?

Well I am fed up from being polite to the constant losers who ask me this question ; I do not believe in the future of this beloved country and I do not believe that I should be investing any time anymore nor a cent in this city. What is funny is that the people who constantly ask me this question are themselves “business owners” whose business is not even doing well due to the turmoil the country is going through. Isn’t that ironic??

Life is too damn short. For fuck’s sake, just do what makes you happy”. Bill Murray.   Thank you!!