Your Typical Characters at the Office.

Disclaimer: For some working is part of the cycle of life. For others, its a chore to bare while at the same time a necessity. I have mixed feelings about the institution of employment. I have been employed twice and in both cases, faced ups and downs (as any normal human being I am sure). The following is the characters that I faced and present in the work force everywhere. I am sure you will relate to a few, if not all. Enjoy the Read.





Mahmoud; The Loyal Snitch.

I think that a snitch is always present in any social aspect of one’s life, whether within a large group of friends, extended families and work. He is the person that will greet you and befriend you first. He will try to gain your confidence by sharing with you gossips about your co-workers and divulge work tactics/tricks so as to impress upper management. You will eventually let your guards down with time. When fully integrated within the work setting and having established professional contact with your colleagues, you will face his true nature and go through a few bumpy rides. You will never be able to fully severe contact with him because of his power with the managers above, yet you will build a fence and raise your guards higher than before.



Carl: The Enamored.

I understand perfectly when someone is loyal to his job and spends more hours at the office than at home or out with friends. Social life is non existent. He is a workaholic. His relationships whether friendly or of the heart are blossomed and sealed at work. It is not surprising that friendships grow stronger between two colleagues nor is it shocking when love interests start off at the office. The amount of time present plays a primordial role in the development of relationships. He will fall in love with you within the first week of your entry at work. He will be catering to your every need and want. To make things more awkward, he will ask you out on a date. Shocking. There and then is when you will put a stop on his never ending attempts. He will be heart broken but should you even care?


Michel: Santa’s Little Helper.

He is the only colleague you will eventually end up trusting fully. He will be in charge of guiding you through the perks and logistics of you job. He is patient, funny and calm. A person that you can forge an outside friendly relationship with. You eventually realize that you share common grounds with one another, whether going to the same places, listening to the same music or/and roaming within the same circle of friends (Beirut is a very cozy city and everyone knows everyone!). He has become your mentor as well as your friend. He just made your working environment less constipated and some weight fell off your shoulders. Thank You the likes of Michel 🙂


Georges: The Careless Insipid.

Beware from the likes of Georges. He is your colleague, holds the same job description as you, however you have the sense that you are working harder than him. Instead of sharing tasks so as to facilitate the work flow, you end up consuming your strength and time making ends meet. You develop with time grounded animosity towards this person and day dream of smacking some senses back into his head. AH! he is always late at work!!



Maria: The Teacher’s Pet.

Every establishment has one Maria on parole. She is your boss’s favorite. The latter cannot function without sharing her first morning office coffee upon arrival and catch up on any new development or gossips. Maria has friends within the work environment, however one cannot confirm if the established friendships are true or based on favors/perks due to her close ties with The Boss. Maria is a sweet girl, sometimes taken aback by her status to impose order and rule on the rest of her colleagues. It is part of her job description. And we are all quite understanding.



I am quite aware that there are many other personalities/ characters that one encounters in the work force. Each and every one has a special trait and an unforgettable presence.

The Work Place is where each and every one us is going to spend lengthy hours and forge one’s future. It is wise to know how to integrate and manage oneself within the confinement of the establishment where one works and set boundaries and limits respectfully to the surrounding.

As for now let’s enjoy our Sunday and seal the weekend in peace before heading back to work tomorrow.




Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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