Lebanese Girl friends; Cheek Sense Slappin For Most.

Disclaimer: This entry will make sense to the Lebanese female population. Now guys, you are not shunned, I am sure you have heard of few of the points mentioned below from your frustrated girlfriends about their girl friends. Yes, this one is going to be a good one! If you feel targeted, please do immediately change those abhorrent habits. Thank you. 





In Lebanon, most of the population descents from royalty (note: a royal family does not exist in Lebanon) and the attitude that goes along with it, accentuates a person with status from another. However, I have come to realize that everyone behaves as if his family belongs to the Bourgeoisie of society. This high class attitude that everyone has managed to master, followed by certain facial expressions highlight the snobbish attitude that is to come. Entering a place as if owning it, never smiling nor acknowledging the presence of other, ordering people around are few of the behaviors spoilt princesses permit upon themselves .

Reality check: Its not because daddy’s 3 digit salary at the end of each month allows you to buy one piece of labelled cloth, makes you a millionaire flaunter. We shall talk when you cash in your first paycheck!


Weekend or no weekend, we, Lebanese go out every single night. No day passes by without having dinners, catching up over coffee, even dancing (well if holding a drink and nodding your head makes it dancing, be it) at a rooftop/nightclub, especially during summer. Girl friends making plans can turn out as frustrating as choosing your dress for a dinner date with your crush. The date is picked, the hour confirmed and when the moment of truth, I mean of show up, arrives, everything falls apart like a deck of cards. A few words typed and click send, you have just cancelled your get together through whatsapp in a blink of an eye. Worse? when such behavior occurs frequently. Reason? None understandable whatsoever. And there you have an opening on your calendar (last minute). not sure what to do with.

Reality check: If you think its easy to cancel on your friends last minute with no repercussions, let me tell you something that might add value to your social existence; don’t be too surprised if I come up with excuses next time you decide you wanna see me.


My favorite is this one, a classic. For months end, you haven’t seen your girl friend. You have been friends for years, yet circumstances (life) came in the way and you drifted apart. All of a sudden you receive a text mentioning a get together (finally), a catching up session. The message is heavy, heavy with longing emotions and unprecedant love and a promise to hang out the very next day. However the confirmation is to happen at X hour the morning after. You sleep anticipating meeting your old friend. However you guessed right. The very next day you await for her call/message/whatsapp with no avail. You assume something came up and let it go. Fast forward three months, same scenario on repeat. Third time, you convince yourself of “the third is a charm” mambo jumbo. Same outcome. This time you promise yourself that that particular “friend” will no longer have the pleasure of your presence even if she were the last person on earth for company.

Reality check: Refrain from sending ‘cotton candy- roses- emoji decorative’ text messages if you do not have the decency on keeping your word. Seriously, screw being polite.


In this century, we all admit that our smartphones are a crucial part of our survival. We do not go anywhere without them and check incessantly if we have missed a notification or two from our friends. So when a girl friend sends a question through whatsapp, I gather that she is awaiting the answer and as soon as I answer her back, will check the reply and accordingly act. I guessed wrong! Its funny that answering within 2 min of the question (because yes my phone is always with me unless on the charger) and the person in question comes back at you after half an hour. This game of chasing one another, or proving some sort of point as “I am not addicted to my phone” or/and of an air of carelessness is plain dumb and pathetic.

Reality check: Refrain from acting all 16 and playing it hard to get with your crush on your girl friends. Its pathetic and fails to give you that “grandeur” image you surely want to portray to your surrounding.


Last but not least, the most popular behavior every girl friend act with one another; the false advice. – -“Have I gained weight?” = of course not silly!

-“What do you think of that guy? he is cute”= oh dear lord not that one, he used to date X,Y,Z and I heard he is a womanizer and will dump you as soon as he is done with you…

-“Should I buy this?= yes its gorgeous on you, flawless, you might consider cutting your hair short as well, suits you honey!

Shall I continue??


My Lebanese Girl Friends you have a long way to go… a long long way to go to establish yourselves as genuine and transparent species. I guess a couple of slaps (words-not physical you morons) is a start to reboot your “acte de presence”.



The Revolution? The AfterMath.



Disclaimer: For those criticising the rest of us who weren’t present at the protest, do ask yourselves why weren’t you urself, especially those who actively criticize anything & anyone through pictures and statuses. Because that’s hypocrisy at its best and preach yourselves first.

The Revolution has started. 

Protesters took the streets of downtown Beirut against the government this weekend. The drop that spilled for such outcome; the garbage spillover throughout the country. For once in the recent history of Lebanon people woke up and took guts in massively protesting against the government.  While some were protesting peacefully, some thugs infiltrated the mass and the situation escalated to the destruction of public infrastructure.
Personally I do not blog post about politics nor will I. For accurate posts on the subject matter please do follow my dear friend’s blog, Blog Baladi.

Monday morning back to work. The traffic is more intense than ever. The reason? people driving slowly, scrutinizing the  destroyed sites. My workplace being located in Downtown Beirut, I dropped my bag and laptop and took a stroll with a colleague towards the demonstration location.

The following are a few of the pictures taken. Special thanks to the Sukleen Team for cleaning after this mess.













Hoping that it is the last of such scenes to be seen.

Have a nice week everyone.



Blind Date? No thanks!!!


Disclaimer:  Some Age. Yet FEW  Mature. 


Why am I still single? because I vowed to myself that I am not going to waste my time entering relationships whereabout the other person does not meet my expectation fully, hence exiting the relationship after a few months.

My expectations? not so far fetched. Physically appealing (yes the physical part is important to us women as much as it is to you testosterone human beings!) yet most importantly fun, easy out going sociable man. I am not going to mention that your other half should at least be from the same social background as yourself, because lets face it, we have been brought up a certain way for 3o years, give or take, and its not within a couple of years into a relationship we are going to compromise drastically for the sake of love. I know I have wasted many years compromising. Where did that lead me to? Broken promises and broken hearts and back to square one. However stronger and visually & mentally aware whom to wait and invest my time and emotions in.

How to meet men and bump into the one? Well i believe that when the time comes it will happen. I am not the type of girl who goes out of her way to look for prince charming. I believe that he is near yet awaiting the right moment to be thrown into your path. He might be your friend and you don’t know it yet. Blind dates? Oh God no! I never have been fond of the fixing up situation among friends, let alone when family members meddle in. I so feel sorry for my girlfriends who still give it a try going on blind dates, set up by some aunt or cousin. Prepare yourself for the following shocking revelation; I accepted to meet someone through a friend of mine! Of all people, yes me! Me who goes against all these societal guidelines, I said yes and went to meet someone. Oh how I should have stuck to my initial viewpoint on the subject matter.

First and foremost, logically speaking, why would a man ask for a third party to set him up with a girl? I mean can’t you meet someone on your own? aren’t you the man? “el ossa kella?” the Lebanese way.

Have you ever had that feeling upon meeting someone for the first time, you want to dig your head in dirt like an ostrich and ran away? Thats what I felt for an hour before heading back home.

You know that feeling when you just don’t click and would never click with a person because from the first exchanged eye contact, you put the pieces of the puzzle together and figured out why this person is not in a relationship?

You know those men who know each and every person in the club,whom you see standing with a drink in one hand, scanning the scene, setting their eyes on every single siliconed- toned up gold digging whores around, yet going back home alone?

Those men that will always be seen by the above mentioned bimbos as friends, a brother and nohing more.

Those men that want to settle in the end with the good girl expecting her to have the same out going physics and personality yet when expectations fail reality, will go out of their way to cheat on you. coz yeah as we have all noticed, nowadays going out with a married man is the trend among our desperate Lebanese women. Losers even stand the chance of fulfilling their fantasies.

To those men, please refrain from acting all misunderstood and not finding the right one. Labeling women in general as airheads while your standards only level up to much is your fault and not ours. Do refrain from asking your girl friends to hook you up with whomever they can think of while you are still struggling in fulfilling your dirty Pamela Anderesque fantasy.

Piece of advice; tap as much ass as you can before wanting to settle. Its nothing to be ashamed of. Go. Let it all out!!!


ps: As for me, my ideal man? my ex-boyfriend’s close friend. Yeah I know, life is a bitch… oh well, the cool part is that he is so much fun and outgoing that he will be finding me his copy and paste it onto my lap one day! :p xo