Live or Die? Lebanese style.

Quite frankly, I am shocked at the lack of the Lebanese people’s conception of the medical system. We are a country that, set aside the nightlife, is proud and famous among its neighbors of its established medical institutions, private clinics and hospitals. Be assured, medical institutions are abundant and cater to the demographic that is able to pay for its services, either by cash or through insurance.

The medical staff and body has dedicated time and money studying in the prominent universities of the country, and abroad, to get to the positions they proudly brag within their social status. 
However, one major notion that most probably is not written in any textbook and lacking among our genius scientists is common sense.

Let me elaborate. 
A hospital is by definition “an institution that caters the needs of the sick and injured”. So far we agree.

This establishment is supposed to be a germ- free place for the fast recovery of its patients especially when interacting with the above- mentioned medical geniuses. So far agreeing again.

We as, visitors, try our utmost to take care of our hygiene and limit our contact with the sick so as of course not to complicate his recovery. Agreed again.

On the other hand, I presume that doctors, nurses and any other medical staff, should double- take attention to their hygiene and limit their contact with the outside world when in duty and especially when in contact with patients in an intensive care unit or similar. Right? Yes.

My question is; why then knowing that your job is very important and critical, do you like to parade outside the confinement of the hospital wearing your famous white jacket attached to by your numerous nametag chains?
 I mean it is only logical for a passer- by to realize that while you are trotting to your lunch break in the neighboring street, carbon monoxide is puffing out of the dozens of cars stranded in the traffic jam and beggars seeking your attention by caressing your garment to make a few pounds.

Yes as a visitor to a hospital, we are as well faced by these challenges. However, medical students and staff should set an example at least of how serious they perceive their jobs and the well being of their patients.
Lebanese are by far the most snobbish and show- off set of people I have encountered in my life, each one of them thinking he is a God sent disciple at the top of the hierarchy. When I look a group of white jackets parading the streets head up high, the only thought that comes to my mind is; God help the sick that is supervised by this bunch of morons.

Furthermore, cleanliness surrounding the medical institution in question should be taken seriously not only by the security guards standing at the door supervising potential bomb threats but by the visitors of the so- called hospital. “No smoking” signs are hanged outside the revolving doors yet not applied by the illiterate citizens. If one thinks that the medical staff or guard upon noticing this breach would inform the visitor, he is down for a surprise. Most of them are careless and go on with their job eyes wide shut. 20150512_115127_resized


I am aware that a lot of other points should be discussed concerning this subject. I am sure that many of you have remembered some personal episodes when being treated at a respectable medical center or visited a loved one confined within its walls.

The Lebanese Medical Facilities are all alike except for a couple of well- known establishments, reachable to the few who can afford its services. I believe that there should be a shuffle of medical staff and a renovation on the aesthetic and personnel level.

In the meantime, pray harder before proceeding into entering any medical institution.



Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

2 thoughts on “Live or Die? Lebanese style.”

  1. Thank you so much for writing this! I completely agree with every single word you wrote- and trust me, it’s completely suffocating to work with such people!

    1. Something I have been longing to say. Trust me have so much more to add but thought it would be a very long post. I’m glad u enjoyed it 🙂 have a good day and thank you!!

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