We, as human beings, are blessed with many qualities that set us apart from any four legged creature. One of these traits is the art of multi- tasking. We can do many things at the same time using our different sensorial assets; for instance, writing this post while listening to my iPod, eliminating the sound of chattering of the ladies sitting on the couch next to mine and the smell of the ‘manakish’ fresh out the oven of the bakery two doors down.

I am a proud multi- tasker indeed!

As you may have noticed, our country has been going through a turmoil thanks to the implementation of the new traffic law. As much as drivers are tackling this matter seriously and as good as they can, pedestrians are having their fair share of grief/ survival too. Im a person who likes to take long strolls and park my car far from my point of destination so as to take the time to walk (lose a few calories naturally) and enjoy the scenery. One of the many challenges, however, that I need to take into consideration, apart from a few unlawful drivers and confusing pedestrian lights is the dog poop that seem to be slacked everywhere on the pavement. You too right?

It has been noticeable, a few years back (and with an alarming increase), the adoption of pets in many Lebanese families. This trend was thrown into society through mainstream media where celebrities carry on their dogs in their handbags or through a leash when jogging or catching up with friends. As anything trendy and stamped & approved by International Celebrity Standard, many (many) Lebanese introduced a new additional member to their family; a dog. They come in many different sizes, breeds and colors. Some of them are adorable looking and a few menacing. Whatever their purpose, they are embraced and nurtured like a new- born baby.

Watch out this is where your multi- tasking skills come to use.

Putting aside these picture perfect scenes, one dismisses the fact that a dog like a human being has to poop and pee during the course of the day. But being inevitable, what better way to make those two unfathomable trips to the loo than to take the dog for a long stroll around the neighborhood. This is where shit goes down and you start jumping around while walking.


Newsflash: Having a dog comes with responsibilities. I don’t think you would go a day without cleaning poop out of your new born baby. I am sure you wouldn’t leave it on the ground either. Same goes for that lovely furry creature you just adopted. Pavements are not animal excrement facilities. Believe it or not, your dog poop is a party pooper for the rest of us. Leaving shit behind tells us more about you than about your naughty/ impolite pet. Whatever your status in society, carelessly leaving behind dog poop makes you a trashy and filthy human being. One would not want to imagine what your lovely home discloses on a hygienic standard level. So to speak yesterday evening, my friend had to pull me away from a shit load of mess while walking back to the car. I had taken my eyes for a split minute from the pavement, mind you.

This carelessness is unacceptable and should be fined like in many cities abroad. Might I add, awareness is inevitable in a society where taking responsibility for one’s actions is not fully carried on. Like everything Lebanese made, laws will never be fully implemented if the consequences are lenient and turned around. I urge careless dog owners to re-think about their actions for the sake of their fellow compatriot. And if not, then walk accidentally into the poop their pet left on the way back home.

As for the rest of us, let the walk/ jump continue hopscotch style…









Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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