Follow for Follow ?




We all are addicted to our Smartphones and the latest sensation being Instagram (not a fan of snapshat at all) we cannot stop snapping pictures and sharing them with our friends or the whole world depending on one’s privacy settings.

I have been on Instagram for the last two years or so and my account was sealed and private from lurking eyes. Throughout this time, I noticed changes in my impression vis- a – vis this social media platform and the way to handle my interaction with it.

As any new social media user within this medium, we are all excited to add our friends and accept friends requests follow from acquaintances. From the very start, I was adamant not to make the same mistake I did with Facebook. Instagram was going to be my very private gallery, hence only my close friends would be part of it (ohh shh yeah 220 of them!)and I was not shy to reject the random friends requests. I could not careless about the number of following exceeding the followers. See, same Facebook pattern of accumulating friends though different technicalities apply.

Now on the quality of pictures I was posting back then till a year ago. I gave reason to my friends that did not see anything appealing and worth liking in the first place hence no picture exceeded the required two digit likes to make me popular and like-able among my friends! (now the standards have risen to three digit, and again am far behind). I discovered the perks behind editing and adding life and color to somewhat soulless settings. You should try it. Trust me you will feel like a professional behind your camera, I mean phone.

In a word, Instagram was my haven for picture taking, editing and sharing among my friends, till a week ago. Let me elaborate. I have been pondering the idea of going public and see what the world has in-stored for me and my pictures… It was a very bold move for a person whose block list exceeds her friends list (on Facebook and Instagram same). Yes I am a sucker for psychos…..

Anyways. First of all I started deleting pictures that were too personal to my taste to be shared with strangers and a few of my initial snaps from the past that I did not see fit to tell my story. It is important to take into consideration that I am not a person that shares her relationship of the heart on social media.

Once it was all set and done, I swiped right and went public. To test my entrance into the worldwide social platform, I started hashtagging a few of my pictures and (since it was past my bedtime) went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and rushed to my phone (which was being charged) like a kid who wakes up on Christmas day eager to open his gifts. I was surprised to discover that more than 100 strangers had liked and commented on my pictures. For a split second I went all ‘hehe’ with that smirky smile. :p

Here are a few of the things that I noticed happening to anyone who has a public profile online:

1- Many retail outlets, restaurants, unheard pubs and clubs, whether local or international start following you. A few days later seeing that you have not returned the favor, un-follow you and go pestering some other human being. I congratulate the effort behind the marketing team for doing their job and spreading their presence online.

2- Lots of fake accounts out there to be careful from. Those follow for follow and follow me and get instant 10000+ likes and followers puzzle me. I mean who in his right mind spends days and nights scrolling and liking pictures randomly so as to make a presence? Are these accounts offering their services free of charge?

3- Some interesting and talented people (like oneself of course) take notice of your pictures and start following you and interact with you on a professionalism level. Those people I respect and instantly follow for inspirational mindset.

4- You become a professional ‘hashtagger’ and hence become part of the # family. It is one of the important ways to get noticed online.

5- You meet people worldwide that share the same passion and interests as yourself. It challenges you to upgrade your skills and play around with the editing platform.


Social media is ‘in’. One must know how to tackle it and interact with the world. It is your life story that you are unveiling to the world on your own terms. If you want to be out there and make a statement, no better way is available than to be public with restraints. Now if you allow me, I need to publish this post with the breakfast snap I took while writing it.


Have a good day everyone



Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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