A Change of Heart

Every year I used to post a rant about Valentine’s Day. I was not fond of this holiday for commercial reasons. Well that’s what I thought… This year like many other things in my life, I had a change of heart. Not that all of a sudden I became an ambassador for Cupid, no. I realized that there are a lot of people out there who genuinely love one another and put the effort and time to surprise their loved ones with gifts and thoughts. Moreover, I learnt that one should not generalize and take an extreme stand towards anything in life just because of past mishaps.

First of all, a quick historical background on St Valentine.

It is said that Valentine was a Roman priest at the time of emperor Claudias who persecuted the Church for marrying off young couples. The latter believed that young men were unable to fight wars and die for it if they had a family back home. Valentine was jailed because he married couples secretly. He was stoned and decapitated for his actions. It is believed that before his death, he healed his jailer’s daughter from blindness. He sent one last letter to Asterius, his jailer, signed “Your Valentine”. Over the years, the sacrifice of a determined clergy man defying his superior under the notion of love led to embellished stories and gave way to St Valentine’s day celebrated till today.

Today, many organizations take advantage of this holiday to create and promote gadgets and arrangements to celebrate love. Many of us believe that corporations are taking advantage so as to sell love. However I want to ask how is this holiday different from any other celebrated during the year?

Love is beautiful especially when it is shared mutually between two people. We crave and look for love our entire life (whether we want to admit it to the person sitting next to us). Single people are looking for their soul mate whereas people in a relationship preserve it and try to leave it alive. We see many people in distress going to therapy so as to hang on to their relationship and re-ignite that sparkle. They know it is still there hence the counseling. My point; we all want love in our lives and would do anything to keep it.

As i was out and about yesterday, I noticed many couples celebrating Valentine’s Day. I am sure that not all are aware of the real roots of the holiday however the spirit was there. The sight of love between two people warmed my heart contrary to the previous years. I realized that I can not judge these people for loving each other just because my previous relationships were a failure. I can not blame my ex boyfriends for not celebrating this holiday because they did not believe in it for a reason that I realized recently, either being broke or stingy enough to not want to shed a couple of dollars for a rose yet save their money for a TV Apple cable. I guess I was blindly in love for some reason. Furthermore, I smiled every time a friend posted pictures of night out, whether the decorative food specially for Valentine, the view from their weekend getaway and my favorite, a song sang playing the guitar dedicated to his girlfriend. Honestly, wouldn’t you be smiling?

To the single people out there, bashing and writing statuses all over your social media against Valentine’s Day is not going to flatter you. On the contrary, the only sentiment you will be creating among your friends is that of pity.  As for the couples who do not celebrate Valentine’s for the simple reason that they have 364 days left a year to show their love to one another, I simply encourage them to give a rose to their other half and see if a genuine happy smile wouldn’t broaden up their face.

Love should not be taken for granted. Once you feel it and receive it, don’t keep it. Give it back and spread the feeling. Love life. Love love. It all starts with a smile…. And to many Valentine’s ahead to all of you.



love valentine


Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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