The Instagram Shizzle

INSTAGRAM  is the most used and favorite social media nowadays.

Thanks to Insta, we have all become professional photographers overnight and sound counsellors for the best editing settings a click away (LO-FI vs AMARO).

When scrolling down my feed I could not help but notice two things; first of all, repetitive pictures in ones’ profile and second of all, similarities in picture settings “a la nature morte” style among my followers. Let me shed some concrete illustrative examples by enumerating to you the most popular types of pictures taken nowadays by our young professionals;

1- The “lonely” a.k.a”the selfie”; 

I am guilty of this phenomena as well. I will not deny that. However, some people realize with time that taking selfies on and on is not as much fun as it was at the beginning of the creation of this trend. Like everything else, its a fad that will go away. Some people however have been having difficulties letting go and moving on. We still see the selfie pop in one’s gallery (every other day) with straight forward cute captions reminding us the time of the day “Good morning”. “Good evening”, “Hello y’all”…. If we want to break down the “selfies”, we differentiate two kinds, the “duck face” and (my favorite right now!) the “shock face”. In one, you are competing for the Angelina Jolie look a like lip contest or giving away free sexy kisses, whereas in the other one, you are being casted for the bombshell in a scary movie script. Both cases, they are un-natural, repetitive and plain simple stupid.

2- My nails are nicer than yours; 

Now this I do not understand. I would come to accept if you are promoting your beauty salon & nail spa. Exhibiting your art work and different shades of color you offer to prospective clients. However, just taking pictures of your freshly painted nails and posting them online with silly un-related captions is beyond me. I mean what is the connection between your nail color and “have a good day” caption underneath it? Or is it your Cartier bracelet or rings that you are trying to subtly throw at our face? Be precise will you.

3- Religious quotes; 

I follow my faith as discreetly as possible because I believe it to be a private matter between me and God. And for the other  obvious reason, that my country is already divided into different sects and the growing number of fanatics and tension from religious differences is more real than ever. So when I scroll down my instagram feed to bump into constant religious texts and prayers I wonder to myself what is the aim of the person posting it. I mean we already know you are from that specific sect, obviously your name says it all. Moreover, is posting your constant belief online an image booster for secondary reasons? Like lets say, a pious goody two shoes perhaps? I don’t know but reminding us constantly of your adoration to Allah or Jesus Christ is not the way to paint yourself as a good future loyal house wife (in my opinion).

4- Silly quotes; 

We all love quotes. They inspire us, motivate us and empower us. Some quotes are a classic whereas others couldn’t have been said better for a specific situation we are going through yet not finding the right words to express ourselves. One type of quotes that I have seen almost every time (and within the same people) is the useless arabic silly sentences, slangs whatever you want to call it. Not only do they sound vulgar but the whole font and color is straight out of a prehistoric arab cartoonist column ( you know the ones we used to have in our school books in arabic class!). Why would you wanna spam your gallery with that? In my honest opinion, they are not funny.

5- A la nature morte; 

As an art lover, one of my favorite genre is the Golden Age Era that took place in the Netherlands in the 17th century and in which paintings consisted of fruit platters and still life domestic everyday life sceneries. 21st century digital picture still life consists of gathering knick and knacks and snapping from an interesting angle one’s treasured belongings. Furthermore, a 21st century still life domestic life consists of asking a third person to take a picture of you doing absolutely nothing and gazing nowhere in particular. For additional effects, please mind cropping slightly your headshot while focusing the image on your outfit of the day while sitting nonchalantly on your sofa.

6- Casting for Arab Idol; 

One of the most useless creation in digital media has been an application called “DubsMash”. All of a sudden our professional photographers realized that they have another hidden gift; lip-syncing on a favorite song/ quote from a track list for only a quick few seconds. Not only, were those videos portraying people in a ridiculous aspect, everyone using it thought they were outmost cute and adorable! Advice to you; please look at your video once the trend has faded (or when you are sober!). Thank you.


As I said before, I have been a victim of this trend and you can say that my Instagram gallery has some pictures related to the above mentioned categories except DubsMash (I only sing in the shower ha ha!). I believe it is time for people to act more maturely when it comes in portraying their private lives public. I mean it is okay to take a selfie or two, show us your purchases or favorite gadgets, however moderately. Honestly, people are only liking one or two (or all) of your pictures because clicking is easy and just there. Some will even like your pictures so as to not offend you in some way or another. Yes because some people stalk who likes what on whom’s page just by scrolling down the ‘following’ section.

Now stalkers and weirdos are something else. And a topic I do not fancy in getting in details.

One thought; Real life is a door away not click away!

Thank you








Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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