Simply; Men to avoid…Again

Disclaimer: The following is not for the light hearted nor those who live in their fantasy world. The following is not for the hypocrite nor the shallow submissive. The following is to all those who are aware of the stereotypical lebanese men out there, those who have been in a similar situation/ relationship. Most importantly, the following is to spread awareness and open the eye of women out there looking desperately for a relationship. The following is the No-No of all union. (Part two)


As promised, here is my second part of men to avoid. If you have read part one and liked it (even related to it) than you will like this second part as much. I am sorry if many men are reading this post and nodding sideways and even grunting it as absurd. Those men are out there and even if you do not relate to it (unlikely that is) I am certain deep inside you have come close to one or two specimens of a kind (look at your buddies closely next time). With luck (though my hopes are not that high) you might guide them to discontinue this kind of behavior and bring to the ladies out there some minimal hope in the dating process. As for you ladies, let me introduce to you a few more men to avoid in the course of your lives!


Matt; the famous Bachelor.

It took Georges Clooney more or less thirty years to pop the question (again). Hence, there you go ladies, you met Matt. Finally, either you attracted his attention in the club or a common friend introduced you to him out of courtesy (well he was standing there, he/she had to). You fell for his charm, for his “je m’en foutisme” (carelessness of the world), and his lively attitude to living each day to the fullest with no care of the consequences on others/aspects of life (except his personal egotistical happiness). He has told you he is not into relationships and is not ready to commit to one person (yet!). However, as we all know, women do not take into consideration these stated facts, i mean who does not want in the end be with someone, be taken care of, cuddles, loved…? Well Matt. However, he will flirt with you, take you out to dinners, even include you into his social circle of friends who rather un-shockingly party a lot and get wasted every weekend. Sounds like lots of fun! With time, you consider yourself Matt’s girlfriend, I mean yeah you have been together socially, texting privately, and your conversation have gone a bit overboard with some Q&A about important future plans. However, what you really are, is being viewed as Matt’s companion for the time being, before,naturally, you start raising commitment restraints and there goes Matt out of your life as quickly as he came in. Ladies, Matt was upfront from the start, why would you want to attach yourself to the constant Bachelor? If you listened to your girlfriends, you would not have reached this heartbreaking point. It could have been avoided. Next time you meet a Matt, think with your head (listen to those girlfriends) and do not challenge yourself with breaking the bachelor status. He, and only he will break that status.


Jack; the social media Guru.

“You have a new message. Jack Kay wants to be your friend on Facebook. Do you know Jack?” “Nope I do not know Jack, however he looks cute, why not!” “Jack Kay is now friends, how do you know Jack Kay?” Aha! There it is again, that question. Even social media is trying to persuade you/remind you why would you want to add someone, a stranger to your list, hence sharing all your personal life with. Jack might be a socially challenged guy who can only dare approach a girl through a computer or he might be a player “hunting for new birds” online while the immediate market at reach got saturated. Let us take the first case. If it were true, why would you want to hang around and date a person who is socially awkward, maybe even shy, and certainly with not enough friends to hang with? He might be a sweetheart but in the end, you are being with someone who, am sure of, lives in a digital world and forgot what the real means of communication are between two people. Are you dating a person or a computer version of one? As in the second case, needless to say,he will turn out to be an eternal bachelor who got lucky in grabbing your attention with his flirty words and wine&dine manners. Ladies do not add randomly people into your personal circles online. Trust me, you are not the only one out there being added by the Jacks of the world. As he sent you the request, he send it to another few. His luck favored him as you accepted his friendship (virtually) and set to meet him face to face after an extensive conversation about life’s beauty and everything oh-so pretty. Let’s do this one more time;”You have a new message. Jack Kay wants to be your friend on Facebook. Do you know Jack?” ” “No i do not know this weirdo. Why would he want to be friends with me? Delete!” Thatta Girl!


Simon; The EX.

And once again the saga continues. Simon is a great guy, he really is. You two were together for a few months and broke it off. Clearly it was not working and it was mutual but shockingly abrupt. You forgot about Simon and as the years went by, you both met and went with different kinds of people. However, out of the blue, Simon is back. And he is back with a plan. Simon has changed (he claims) and he wants to try again. He is a smooth talker and talks his way into your life one more time. You try again. However after a few more months you two break up again. Now let me quote something I found online a long time ago, “All discarded lovers should be given a second chance but with somebody else” (Mae West). Voila! I know we are vulnerable, although we show the world that we are strong and in control. But when we face an ex, we tend to forget the real reasons behind the break up and, even if we do, we tend to shrug it off and give that second, third chance. Ladies, ladies, ladies, i know he said that he changed. But technically it is hard for men (or even women) to change who they really are, do not get me wrong, its our personality, we were brought up that way or shaped that way. Now it is great news to hear an old relationship rekindled and walked down the aisle. But trust me lucky are those few. Not the rest. An ex is an ex for a reason and never never forget or dismiss that reason in the deep back end of your head. Bye Simon and best wishes with your love life.


You want a real man? Go out there and meet him. Mingle, have drinks, go out to dinners. However choose wisely. Relationships nowadays are complicated. You never know if you are dating him or have become exclusive. Not to forget, we are no longer 15 year olds who were asked to become someone’s girlfriend. Nowadays, everything is unsaid which for some (men) is perfect since if anything goes sour, they would look at you oblivion at your rant of exclusivity. Your next boyfriend should not be picked from the world wide web (yeah old fashioned terminology i know haha!) nor from the bachelors’ crowd.

“EX? who dare mentioned the word EX?” “Ah ok you meant you X on all those types of men i mentioned in part one and two! i am proud of you, you are a fast learner!!! 😉

Sweet Dreams My loves xo