A Shout out to US!!

Disclaimer: This post has been inspired by a hopeless romantic I have been sharing a flat with for the past four months. You might not have realized this Charlotte but you made me fall in love with the notion of love again. Thank you!

Love? Love! Love :S

Oh yes again that word L.O.V.E….We all been through it, loved it, hated it, bowed to never ever fall for it again, ironically (never say never) we fell for it again…. yes u got the point, love is a feeling that will always lurk throughout our life whether we like it or not.. But are relationships nowadays formed due to this feeling or, shall i put it this way; are women marrying for reason rather than following their heart?

I’ll be frank to you, i have been advised by many friends to never listen to my heart, to just go and settle for the man who will treat me right and secure my future financially. In a word, have a reasonable marriage not one filled with love and emotions to start with. One would think that that sound advice would have been followed religiously especially after a bad break up a year back but nope! I have noticed that my heart can easily function back to normal and is big enough to love someone back. However one should never forget to stay to true to oneself and not to repeat the same mistakes;

“Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”

Lets be true to ourselves, we owe that to our heart; we all love to love and be loved and love again..ah love is so beautiful.. love.. and yes love….hopeless romantic me? no not really..i just cave in sometimes to that feeling when i really feel it towards a person..and lucky him..though rare it happens.

We all tend to look for partners because that is the course that life has set for us; graduate, work, marry and have babies while hopefully staying true to your feelings towards your other half (yes continue to love him and even more than the first time you two locked eyes!). Women nowadays are settling for less than what they deserve because they are struggling to keep up with their society’s expectations (well I do not want to generalize to the whole world, lets stick to the middle eastern mentality only). Recall the last time you had a conversation with your friend about your date. When asked what did you think of him, there is always a hesitation in your answer. Be honest! It is rare women who answer frankly about that click that occurred between them and their date, not because they are ashamed or scared but for the sole reason that it was inexistent. The next course of event from your friend’s side will shock you when two or more dates are arranged so as to give a chance to that feeling to blossom. I honestly believe that if it wasn’t there in the beginning then it will not be. Why bother pursuing it and insisting on it. You will only have that feeling once or twice in your life and that’s that and you will be one lucky biatch if you end up marrying him.

We all think of it, though never say it out loud, “I want to fall in love, I want to marry him because I love him so much, I cannot not be with him, I wanna have his kids…” and these exclamatory sentences can go on and on and on forever. The real women who have such feelings or/and believe in them are the women who are true to themselves and look for partners who are up to their standards, emotionally. These women are self- fulfilled and confident about themselves and most importantly happy and genuinely smiling at life. Those are the women that I admire, those are the women that i look up to and those are the women that aspire me when it comes to love & relationships. I deserve a man who will love me as much as I love him. I deserve a man who, when i look into his eyes, will see my reflection in them. I deserve a man who will embrace me for my craziness, my ups and downs, my laziness as well as my sense of sarcastic humor. I deserve a man who will complement me in every way, who will not judge me and most importantly will be next to me for better and for worse. I deserve the best and wont settle for less no matter what you all say to me. Because in the end of the day, I am who I am and I love myself to the extent that I wont settle for less than I deserve.





Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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