New Year’s Resolution (crap!)


I wish you all had an amazing night out/in on that special (whatever) last night of 2013. For the first time I decided that I was going to spend NYE with my family, especially my dad. Yeah I know, first time do not roll your eyes, I have never been fond of celebrating NY especially that I consider it to be a normal night out with friends, except that alcohol consumption reaches an infinite level and all of a sudden everyone is super friendly and nice, leaving aside hypocrisy and boredom/superiority towards one another. The night went by smoothly and i reached my satisfaction when i saw the smile and happiness on my father’s face all night long and even the day after. I was fulfilled and at peace!

Of course the 1st of January should not be considered as being the first day of the new year since everyone is still in a daze and a hangover state of mind. For me the new year started today and as I have been reading lots of peoples’ statuses and some entries on blogpost/tumbler on NYE resolutions, I got inspired into sharing mine and few of my impressions on the topic.

Do take into consideration that being a sarcastic person, the following will be a straight forward message and whomever is not in accordance with it can go and screw himself over (Thank you!).

1- Start of a healthier lifestyle:

Why do people wait for a new year to go and subscribe to the gym? Change their food intake and promise to decrease their alcohol consumption? First of all there is no perfect date to start going to the gym, or doing some stretching at home or a run by the seaside. To my knowledge, only lazy people mark down a date so as to unconsciously satisfy themselves when they do actually start this transformation (and trust me it only takes a few weeks for the excitement to vanish and get back to the bad habits!). You want to have a healthier and active lifestyle, start on the spot. Stop pondering the issue, its not that hard to move your lazy fat ass and take a run or go for an hour to the gym three times a week.

2- Start of THE diet

As for a change in your diet, well let me tell you something, you do not need to ban the fries and burgers for some salad and a protein extreme diet, promising the banishment of fast foods from your entire life (yeah some people take their new year resolution to the extreme!!). I believe that everyone should abide by a life long diet plan and eat healthy, taking into consideration that cholesterol and trygliceride levels will always be present in your life for check up! Do not forget to binge from time to time.

3- No more Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is fun! Yes when you are taking into consideration to stop drinking it you are still in the aftermath of the NYE and need two days to get yourself back on track. For those who can not tolerate alcohol, drink moderately and those who are hardcore just stay the way you are as long as you are not disturbing anyone and most importantly having fun! It is most funny to see those who swear not to touch vodka anymore to be gulping a drink a weekend later!

4- Get yourself into a nice relationship and set goals.

Love, relationships and engagements/marriages can not be set as a NYE resolution for the sole purpose that it is not in our control to decide what might happen in the future. Of course we all wish for that special one to come and sweep us off our feet yet we can not make a plan and guide him (with a deadline in our head) to implement it. If it is meant to happen, it will happen. And if it did not happen this year then it is not the end of the world; forget what your surrounding tells you and just go with the flow. Failure in having a nice “lovely” relationship is caused primarily from peer pressure and extreme expectations.

5- Career change prospects.

And I encourage you all to do that if you have not been satisfied with your job for the last few years or so. I mean seriously what have you been waiting for? Start now because as we all know it takes time for someone to find the job he likes (the interviews, the waiting, the call back and the result). We do not want to re-read on NYE 2014 the same resolution now, do we?

6- World Peace.

Grow up please! World peace nor agreement is going to be achieved in a year especially if the cause that has been fought and is still on-going for the past 60 years (or less). I mean we all wish for the blood shedding to end and in our case the nearby battles (and within the country) to end, however this is politics ; the game is far bigger than all of our wishes and amateur analysis.

7- Surround yourself with genuine friends.

I must agree with this one. As i have made new relations and friends throughout 2013, i noticed that the best genuine ones are those who have stuck with you a life time (or more than 5 years). The other add-ups (as I am labeling them now) did not meet your expectations and are kind of a burden to handle. Then I say no need to add up people in your life. I have always said the quality overcomes the quantity…

I know there are many other resolution that have been published and wished upon and I am sure that lot of them are wishful thinking. The most important thing is to just wake up (with a slap). Resolutions are made and most of them are broken within a month. You want to change, and add value to your life then just go for it and do something about it without invading everyones’ feed and page. Trust me the less you share, the more you will accomplish.

and on that note Happy New Year!!!

Cheers xoxo


Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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