Love lost > Lost Love

“Someday Everything will make perfect sense; so for now smile though the tears, laugh at the confusion and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason” Anonymous.

What a nice feeling it is when you catch up with an old friend over coffee and within a couple of hours you have re-lived everything you missed out when you two were apart. I have decided to write this post on a particular story my friend told me about (do not worry she gave me permission to write about it, it’s not as if i go and post peoples’ dirty secrets online).

Joelle (let’s name her that) is a 29 year old single attractive woman who can have any guy she wants and yet claims she is happy to live the single life. Now knowing Joelle very well, I know that she is influenced and pressured by her surrounding to tie the knot or at least be in a relationship that is bound that way. However, being independent financially from her parents, she works, lives and travels as she wishes and has the potential admirers waiting in line; worse case scenario they opt for her friendship seeing that they do not stand a chance for romance. Hence Joelle having more guy friends than girl friends (I am one of the lucky ones) is satisfied with the way her life is going and is happy because as they say “You only live once” (whatever!).

Let me get straight to the point;

Last year, Joelle befriended a guy that is slightly younger than her. Hearing her talk about him, I deduced that they pretty quickly became good friends and hit it off. However, one of them started falling in love with the other one and the friendship started to become shaky (since we all know that a one sided love can not survive a friendship). Of course, Joelle, being a hot-hearted person, continued to deny her friend’s love and broke off the friendship before things turn out of hand. However during this process, her behavior towards her friend changed unintentionally; she became rude and nasty and hurt his feelings to the point that the guy, as intended, backed away from her (and worse stopped loving her). Content, Joelle only realized later on that she was indeed in love with her friend all that time and confessed to me that she was scared of making it official publicly.

Now the point of this little story would be first and foremost to be honest with your feelings towards the person you are interested in.

You like/love someone, just fuckin say it to him/her.

When you feel that your attitude towards your friend is changing and you are turning defensive/offensive out of nothing, call it off because that is when you are unconsciously, either falling for/or falling out of him/her.

I always believed that Karma is a bitch and comes and bites you back in the ass when you least expect it (trust me) so why create a circumstance and wait for (a negative) karma to come right back at you.

Age is not an important factor in a relationship (now wait a second am not encouraging out of the normal age difference here). When there is care, respect, love and that feeling that you do not experience all the time, age should be disregarded. Because in the end all you are going to interact with is the person next to you and not his/her birthdate.

Your happiness is important. Not your surroundings’.

We live in a society that unfortunately is still being scrutinized and even though with the open-mindedness booming around us, people think twice and even thrice before acting. Joelle learnt it the hard way and seeing the way she talked about her friend I am guessing that her heart is not going to be mended anytime soon and easily. Which goes without saying, follow your heart and screw anyone interjecting in your path.


Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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