Seriously, I am ashamed to admit that my country is full of low life men and has an open policy to attract this “genre” into its borders. A friend of mine just told me while reading the draft of this entry that my posts have an angry tonality; well maybe most of you would feel that way but my answer is: I am not angry, I just state the facts as they are and write with open sarcasm.

Now coming back to our topic here. When promoting the lebanese heritage and tourism on television (so as to attract tourists and appease the light hearted from the political instability of Lebanon), the media omits to mention the presence of sleezy  jerks around every corner of the streets. Let me describe to you these male humans (and I am being polite here) to you:

– There is no specific age; even the early teenagers are doing it, and the gramps are not excused!!!

– Physically speaking, let’s just say that God has not been very kind towards them.

– Their only speaking language is arabic; although they have been blessed by the minimal english vocabulary. I am sure they only know the typical “Hello, How are you?” .

– Clearly they do not have a steady job since they are strolling the streets in broad daylight.

– They come from a certain social status.. (no comment!)

………………………. and the list goes on.. you have an idea of what kind of men I am talking about…………..

Once I have complained to a friend of mine and the only excuse he came up with was that I am an attractive person and that they are bound to look my way and try to approach me. Yet the problem is that this is not the way to flirt with the opposite sexe and I am not shocked that the remaining guys in Lebanon are either single or gay (sorry guys!).

I walk/run every three/four times a week at our seaside sidewalk (corniche) and every single time I feel oblivion of my gym gear which consists of your basic short and tshirt.

2013-08-07 10.49.08

(Trust me its not that short, the sitting position entices it)

Why is that you may want to ask me (to those people who do not live in the Middle East); well for the simple fact that I feel naked. Yes that is what those species (described above) would make you feel. The men running at the same time can not hold their tongue when a female runs pass them (yes preferably you should not run next to one another) because of the useless interjections “hello, bonjourik, eyway, run-run yes” that are thrown my way. What do they gain from this behavior I would not know since clearly no woman with half a brain in her head would reply to these “gentlemen” nor would look their way. (Funny thing just happened, I am sitting at the terrace of a coffee shop writing this post when a man approaching his 60s passes by , looks at me and says in broken english ” Hello hello, yes good good”, now what the hell was that supposed to mean??).

Whether doing sports or walking the streets, women are subjected to the interjections of middle eastern men. Most of us just walk away minding our business and not giving them the pleasure of a reply but sometimes when, God forbid, are in a bad mood turn around and curse them in the face to mind their own business (eyes in this case). Personally speaking I have come at times and blurted a mean hurtful answer back their way but most of the times its with a heart pounding chest that their retaliation might be harmful (physically). Yes I do not feel safe in my own country, in my own neighborhood and not even when there is a commotion of people around me. These men are out of control verbally and I have no idea when the time will arrive they might get physically out of control as well.

I would love the know for instance how do tourists (that used to flock into the country and i mean the europeans here) used to cope with this assault? Thankfully most of them do not understand the arabic language and would misunderstand their words of that of hospitality.

I am sad to say that this society will not change while these people are polluting it with their presence and I am not shocked when the west views us as a backward society in cases of social living!

When I was in London, a woman used to run by every single day wearing tight shorts and a gym bra and no one took a glimpse at her. Do you imagine what that sight would do here? Stone death by the power of the eye only….


Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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