The Lustful Glance

Finally after a week long of non-stop rainy thunderful weather, Beirut is witnessing the start of its summer season. The sun is shining, the sky is clear blue and obviously every one did their spring cleaning and raided their closet for their flowery dresses and funky tshirts in anticipation for the beach season (which clearly started over the weekend by the red looks of a few passers by).

Im sitting at my usual coffee place Caribou, in Hamra street, sipping my medium sized mocha coffee with my ipod on and enjoying the sun in the mini terrasse outside (since law 174 prohibits us smokers from indulging our sin indoors, we are doomed to put up with the traffic jams, honking horns but it is a perk im willing to put up with to inhale my tobacco candy!).

However, I came to winess one setback to my almost perfect matinee!!!

The gaze of every passing male from the side walk and even the cars.  I would not have made a remark, nor written a post about it, if it were not the intensity of those gazes.

Coming from a country where the female ratio to men is 4/1 I would have expected women to be gazing at men especially that they are endangered species, and not the other way around. Ironic like everything else in this piece of land!


There are different kind of gazes, glances whatever you wanna call it and depending on the situation of it occuring, however there is one type when directed to a woman sitting by herself anywhere and anytime during the day. The Lustful glance.

From boys to men to middle aged men and even older men, this glance’s particularity is similar to all of them. I give you credit for that, Bravo!!

Arabian men are illustrated in stories as aladdin-like creatures; manly, handsome, tanned and muscular, straight out of a castle. Let me stop u there before you start fainting because reality is far from what I have just described (though a minimal percentage exists somewhere in hiding). The men i witnessed passing by look lost, haggard and washed down. Stress and hopelessness is written all over their faces (you cant blame them can u with the hardship of living in Leb-hell?) On the other hand, you have the out of catalogue dressed up men who would fit into a 1970s scene  rather than our modern age era. Those are the ones that think highly of themselves because of the ton of gel drooling from their forehead, their pointy crocodile shoes and Almani jeans (counterfeit for Armani). Now when those men glance my way with a stubborn look I just feel like ninja slapping them to turn the other way!!!



Come to think of it.. now i understand why lebanese girls are always pouty and have a look of “murderess” painted on their faces.We have to deliver these facial expressions so as not to encourage or welcome these philandering men into a conversation.

So girls before leaving your house, do not forget your phone, your keys, necessities and for gods sake leave that smile indoors and out with the pouty sillicon lips you go!!!


Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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