Lara; your typical lebanese girl

Meet Lara,  28 years old, single lebanese girl working as a personal assistant n a renowned lawyers’ firm. Lara graduated from the American University of Beirut in business after a torturous five year program. She is born into a conservative muslim family of eight siblings and is not the brightest pea in the jar, thus settling for a secretarial position with no improvement for the last ten years. I met Lara through university friends and we hit it off during class breaks but our similarities stopped there.

You see, Lara is what we call your typical lebanese girl obsessed with tying the knot and buying discounted designer bags and prepping her style and aesthetics every day of the week and for every outing unimaginable. Now do not get me wrong, I love shopping and doing my nails and going to the hairdresser before a night out but I do not intend on wearing my high heels and designer outfits to grab coffee with the girls. I have a fashion style for every occasion. On the other hand, I am not obsessed into meeting up every person that tries to poke me on facebook (i dismiss them literally) thinking that he might be my prince charming especially if he is from my own sect (yeayy for Lara who does). And I absolutely do not post profile pictures that capture my pretty painted face and hides the rest of my body (not that Im over weight of anything).

We live in a society where values and tradition are engraved within us but we are influenced by the occidental way of life and reality shows projected on our telly leading us to live a conflicted life.

Lara loves to go out for drinks and party. But sometimes she is hit by her out bringing and plays the ” I don’t drink alcohol” card. Whenever that card is out bear in mind that either there is a potential husband around or she just wants to play by society’s standard that a girls’ lips have not touched anyone’s except for her parents (yeah right!).

I do not like hypocrisy and I like to be surrounded by truthful and self- confident friends who are not influenced by “he/she said” label. And I especially do not like to be pawned as the friend who drinks and enjoys her time with her friends while Miss “goody two shoes” is acting to be pointed out as the innocent girl among us. This kind of mentality makes me want to puke and only proves to me how lame and pathetic and sad it is for someone to want to live his/her life as someone he is not just to satisfy society.

What is the typical lebanese girl?

– She is dressed in designer cloths (fully or partially it does not matter as long as anyone notices the label)

– Her nails and hairstyle are impeccable every minute of the day

– Sunglasses are a must in summer as in winter

– Drives a suv

– Goes out coffee/lunch/ dinner/ pubs and nightclubs that are bubbling with a standard social scene

– She is connected to facebook/ twitter/ Instagram 24/7 (even in her sleep) and has more than a thousand friends/ followers. Even if she met you through a friend for five minutes only, you will be searched, added and liked and commented on any picture you might post (yeah virtual stalker really!)

– Her low average income will be spent within the first week on the latest trend (a brand of course) and the rest of the month will be taken care of by daddy

– Her circle of friends is characterized by status, same sect/ religion and social scenery

– She would not be caught dead with a cigarette but would spend hours sitting smoking narguile

– She is a political activist but does not understand politics more than her parents opinion

– She would not want to live abroad because she loves her home country not due to the fact that she does but because she can not embrace simplicity.

Of course you might have more to add on this list.

Sadly enough there are a lot of these girls/ women parading in the streets of Beirut and I am happy to say that I do not relate to any of these parasites.

A happy life is an honest and truthful life towards oneself and not your surrounding. If you are still lost and acting differently with any one you meet, you’d better hold down your horses, search for your true inner- self and then throw yourself out there.


Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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