Karma’s a bitch

To whom it may concern,

The world did not end. Unfortunately to a lot of us this can only mean that we will have to bear what it is installed for us in the up-coming months (till the next end of the world dilemma).

As you may all have known, the Middle East is going through a turmoil; an identity crisis has unleashed the last couple of years (and more to come, do not give up yet). We saw leaders being toppled, executed and (still) imprisoned in their castles. Some are negotiating their stay with their humble servants, i mean citizen, whereas others are exterminating them by the hundred.

Let me tell you about one example in particular.

I am going to be honest with you, i can not relate to what is going in our neighboring country and I do not care really.

However what I do care about is the consequences that it is spilling onto my beloved country, that unfortunately is governed by a bunch of morons (14-8 and 11 altogether) that represent, alas unfortunately, our compadres!

First of all let me ask you something; what are the lebanese famous for? Nope I did not mean the tabbouleh or hummus or any other of these dishes that were the talk of the region in that non-sense guinness book of record games.

I meant we are well known for our Nagging! Yes we nag a lot, constantly and even in our sleep!!! You can never go sit and have a coffee, whether with a group of friends, or alone eavesdropping, without hearing the lebanese IQ being worked up into solving the region’s misfortune. Analysts claimed high that this turmoil will never hit Lebanon (estaghfar allah) however what they omit from mentioning is that this turmoil existed  since the country’s independence. Tell me when was Lebanon ever in peace with itself? Ironically, even the independence grew out of a riot vs imprisonment, then came the 1958 rebellion, the 1967 6 days war, 1975 civil war, 1989 christian war, the Taif, 2005…etc….Our politicians represent us.. They harbor their best suit (if not some in cool laid back jeans), come out of their latest model cars, smile to the camera and shout at each other (well shout is the least they do, let me be polite and not use offensive verbs). Since our politicians represent us, then they reflect the population and as a whole there is no better picture perfect sync between representatives and their voters.

Yes a terrible tragedy is being endured upon our next door neighbors, they are being killed massively and they are fleeing and seeking refuge in neighboring countries. Who better to empathize with these torn souls than us the lebanese, masterly oppressed throughout our history.

However, how can a country that can not govern itself and maintain its own growling citizen host a welcoming party to those in need? I mean, electricity is not available to a majority of the population, water is non existent as well, how can you welcome and settle foreigners in such drastic lack of basic needs? Shouldn’t you cater to your own population first? Next, what were the necessary actions taken to appease and help the refugees (not that the first set of refugees aren’t enough)?

I was having coffee with a few friends the other day, and not one, nor two nor three but 7 non-national beggars came to ask for money and/or help. I mean if opening the borders leads to more pedestrians and outnumbering your citizen, then you are excelling in your task. It is unsettling to see all these people roaming the streets, lost in oblivion asking for help. However it is a bitch to see them entering the country when back in 2006 the very same borders were shut to our face when facing “a common” enemy.. Go figure how your representatives think.. If Lebanon was a haven, like so many of those middle aged arabs think, I would have welcomed them indeed. However, Lebanon is not hospitable to its expats.. (i don’t want to know what it is to foreigners…)

Now I know you must think that I am a being heartless, but I am sure it is what all of you is thinking deep inside and hush hush saying it to your friends. Me on the contrary I say it out loud caring less about anyone’s opinion, because as my friend told me the other day ” I love your bluntness”.

And with this note I end this post with a thought; at least now the dreamy Greater Syria is becoming a reality and the myth is well alive………


Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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