Civil marriage or Civil Death?



As many of you witnessed this last week, a controversial topic hit the lebanese media. No its not Hizbulah’s arsenal..No No its not about the up-coming parliamentary election debacle. Its non other than the institution of civil marriage!

As you may all know civil marriage is not available for the poor lebanese people, it is not a choice to choose from in this country when two people want to tie the knot. Instead the future bride and groom travels to Cyprus or Turkey (and to the lavish aristocrats to Europe) to become husband and wife!!!

When our prominent President tackled this subject on the world wide web, we were kind of expecting an uproar from the religious parties (well we do have 18 sects we should not forget) but what we were not expecting is the rage from the Mufti of Republic.

I mean yes we are entitled to our opinion and people usually tackle such delicate subject with tact and diplomacy. However, issuing a fatwa against any muslim legislator who approves the establishment of civil marriage is beyond me.


“Any Muslim with legal or executive authority in Lebanon who supports the legalisation of civil marriage is an apostate and outside the religion of Islam. There are predators lurking among us, trying to sow the bacteria of civil marriage in Lebanon, but they should know that the religious scholars will not hesitate to do their duty” and prevent the passage of such a bill. “[Such officials] would not be washed, would not be wrapped in a [burial] shroud, would not have prayers for their soul in line with Islamic rules, and would not be buried in a Muslim cemetery,” 

Isn’t this a bit harsh? especially that many many muslims have married abroad.

Why is this institution a threat to religion? Its not as if civil marriage is going to be an obligatory step before the religious ceremony, as in Turkey. People will have the choice between religious and civil marriage, and I, like many of my lebanese compatriots would like to have a choice and a say in the matter. Isn’t what parliamentary decision about?

I admire our President bringing out this subject like his late predecessor  did but failed due to religious officials. However, I’d like to point out as well that deviating the people’s attention from subjects already being discussed is kind of smart way to make people forget of crucial topics at sake such as, the infrastructure, the electricity, the syrian refugee outpour, the parliamentary election, and many more… Its like, all lebanese need is a new trend to forget what is already at hand.

The lebanese constitution states:“Lebanon is a parliamentary democratic republic based on respect for public liberties, especially the freedom of opinion and belief, and respect for social justice and equality of rights and duties among all citizens without discrimination.

I for once want to see this excerpt being respected and enforced.

By the way did you know that Israel never approved of civil marriage and many of its nationals travel to Cyprus to marry as well? Who said that our lethal enemy has the same illogic mentality as our country…… Just saying…..