Facebook Frenzy

I am going to be honest with you guys…my relationship with facebook started in 2007 when a friend of mine convinced me to ditch my hi5 account (yeah remember that!!!) to this new social networking that everyone was getting hooked  (hitched!!)to.

This virtual relationship started in 2007 and ended in 2012 (a few months ago). We had our ups and downs, our laughs as well as our cries…Like any kind of relationship, I was,at the beginning, on top of the world and then with time reality hit home,”what the hell was I doing” kinda- like turmoil….

Let me jot down to you what I realised during this 5 years intense relationship:

– I re-connected with most of my highs school friends, yes even the ones I did not have any particular relationship with, just a simple hello! My reaction was utter surprise when i received a friend request from such people, I mean seriously? Since I was new i added them up. Lets not forget that at that time a silent competition was going on between everyone on how many friends someone has on his list, as if the highest number reflected a person’s popularity and likeness among its peers! (Well we were all new at this social interactivity so what did we know back then…)

– All of a sudden people became professional photographers and paparazzi. God forbid if someone went out from the house for coffee, lunch or a party without carrying his/her camera (thank you Blackberry and Iphone for the cams at reach, no need to carry a real cam in our bags anymore, less weight: more fun). The madness of this taking picture moments are not only when each and every single move is snapped for eternal memory but the rush in uploading and tagging them the moment your back to casa.. I am going to be honest, i was one of those people, yes…it was the trend, everyone was doing it so there was no harm in that..However, there is a limit to everything, especially that after all these years people are still doing it!!!!!

– How many of you have this friend ( I am sure all of you) that uploads pictures of every single outing he/she goes to? Yes, you..you and you I know you do…. Have you ever rolled your eyes whenever popps on your feed a new album posting with the same people but at different settings? Of course, the location should be mentioned, especially if it is in a popular club,launch of a new restaurant, all of your friends in the pic should be tagged and even if one does not have an account his name should be mentioned,and do not forget that description above, as if a picture does not speak for itself….geez!!

– Facebook is an open book reflecting your life, emotions, desires, dreams. Nothing is private, even with the multiple limitations and privacy settings, your privacy is public! You are in a relationship, please shout it on the rooftops (but god forbid if a few months later you feel that shame into changing your status to single!!), you are with your girlfriend cruising in the car, please send us your exact location (invite to potential stalkers free of charge!!), please fill in your current city and your work info and when a change occurs, do immediately proceed in updating your infos, cause we would be lost if you made us believe you’re into advertising when you hopped into real estates! Our hearts can not tolerate shadiness….

– I used to have a friend (well an old friend) that used to fill in her data as if she was at a doctor’s appointment filling her medical information. The funny thing is that at the doctor’s, your infos is undisclosed whereas on Facebook it is open for all to see.  What was funny is that she had a limited profile, so no one from the outside could see anything about her life, but her address was viewed by anyone and everyone. It is later on when my best friend pointed out that “How lame is your friend!! she just wants to show off that she lives in that posh neighborhood for guys to add her up as friend” that i noticed how right she was!!!! X was a gold digging-man hunting (hubby-hunting) kinda person, Facebook was her sea and men at reach her fish!!!

If I am going to enumerate for you all the drawbacks and ridiculous behavior of people on Facebook, I’d write a book!!!!

Facebook began as an engine to connect students from across universities and then people from all around the world…The changes that happened throughout all these years changed people’s perception on how and to what purpose to use Facebook.

How many of you had fights with your loved ones over silly comments from your friends on your pictures or statuses?

How many of your fought when your partner did not change his/her relationship status yet?

How many of you were tagged in unflattering pictures just because your friend looks like a model whereas yourself look as if woken from the wrong side of the bed?

Please can someone explain to me the use of pages created to mourn the dead???

How many of you had people stop talking to you just because they noticed they are on limited profile or (like it happened to me) thought they were on limited profile for the simple reason that your wall suddenly disappeared? (LOL)

I realized that Facebook is an entertaining arena for people who just log on to pass time, look at your “friends” social- over exaggerated  pathetic life. Therefore my break-up with Facebook..four months and counting…maybe someday ill activate it back just so I advertise my paintings and my blog entries, sinon je m’en passes avec plaisir.



Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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