BLACKBERRY: Burden or Bliss?

Head bowed, hands busy, fingertips ticking- itching, smiling to oneself, this is the image a misunderstood toddler would see passerby’s if he were taken on a stroll down the streets of Beirut.

Blackberry has been the revelation of the century, though its presence in the market since 1999 through the canadian company Research in Motion (RIM).  By October 2011, Blackberry reached more than 1million users worldwide thanks to its friendly- user services especially the blackberry messenger connecting friends separated geographically from one another.

Let me just remind you the purpose of blackberry,it was solely to businessmen who were in need to connect to their work-related emails and governmental officers who were away from their administrative tasks such as the British police officers whose presence was needed on the streets of the capital. Such a purpose nowadays is far from its initial aim.

Yes BB is essential to one’s life; you can access your email through the palm of your hand, you chit chat with your friends through the messenger quickly and easily, in a word its the smallest laptop around at your reach wherever you go (and trust me some people carry their BB’s strange places… uhhuuum…)

However, I have managed to discern Blackberry users from Blackberry addicts (no wonder its pseudonym in the USA is Crackberry!!!)

How many of you have a friend or a friend of a friend (so as you do not take what I am going to say too personally) hung up on the BBMessenger? I think we all forgot about MSN Messenger. Yeah remember that application we all downloaded years ago so as to chat with our friends when we log on our computer? BBM addicts have their phones with them everywhere they go. I even bet that the ring tone is set on LOUD!!!

First of all their contact list is infinite, since they added left and right any BB user they know, and met through friends in common and social gatherings.

Second of all, they think they are the first to have solved the “D” to “R” change next to the conversation; and are more than happy to reveal that to you as if they are sharing some top notch secret american agenda that would change the pace of world politics. Hehe look at their eyes next time some new BB user converses the wonders of the smartphone.

Third, and this one really gets on my nerve (apart from the fourth point I am going to make as well) there are many already plugged- in statuses to choose from on the messenger device; going from available, busy …and you can personalize as many as you want. When one’s status is busy, this means that the person is really busy. My icon is always set on busy, however since I noticed that not many take this into consideration I personalized a few more, such as, Not available to In the Gym, and Snoozing (with the snooze emoticon for those who didn’t understand the word). Alas!!!!! people continue to chat with me (trust me it’s a one way communication) even with the snoozing icon on!!!!!!

Fourth, and in sequence with the above mentioned point, some people take to heart the PING!!!! Do you know how exacerbating that touch is??? I remember the first time I came to hear about the PING I was clueless to what it meant. I remember two friends on facebook were Pinging (yes its a verb now) on my wall and laughing about my ignorance about it. And now I wish I had never come in contact with it… Many times people would ping me not one not two but three times so as to acknowledge them on the chat. Listen if my icon is set to “Not available” that means that I am not available and would get right back at you when I am so stop PINGING!!!! (phewww )

Fifth, I love the fact that BBMessenger allows us to display pictures (contrary to whatsapp). However that does not mean changing the display every 5 to 10 minutes!!! and let’s not mention the statuses! Who cares about imminent details of your life to be shared with all your contact list. I believe that some things are meant to be private and trust me we care less who’s birthday it is and who got married to whom yesterday!!

And the list goes on…….. 🙂 right!!!

Remember a few months ago (last year) when the news circulated that Blackberry was shutting down? We all went to a frenzy state (except for Iphone users smirking at us) and realized how much we are attached to the BBM and its presence is vital to our daily survival. Worse came after when people started broadcasting silly messages such as; “send blaablablaa! to all your contacts or  else all you won’t be on BB any more!”.  LOL

Furthermore, smartphone devices killed softly the art of photography. No one is using cameras anymore and when out the easy way to catch a souvenir is to set your BB on “take a pic” and snap a shot (and don’t forget to immediately post it as your display pic 😉 )

Last but not least, isn’t it silly to see a teenager, no older than 15year old giggling into her smartphone? I don’t recall kids my generation owning a cell phone. Yet I guess times have changed.

I own a blackberry and I can assure you it has facilitated my life whether it is reading my emails, talking to my friends through BBM or taking pictures. However, there are limits.

Where is the world of communications and technology leading us to?


Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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