Silicon Valley of the Middle East

Welcome to Beirut Lebanon; land of the sea, the sun, and fun.

Welcome to the “Switzerland” of the Middle East (reminisced till this day by our grandparents).

Welcome to the land of “Nip and tuck” !!!!

I agree lebanese women are beautiful women; busty , olive skin with dark cascade wavy long  hair. They are the object of every middle eastern mens’ fantasy and recently european mens’ taste as well (shocking yeah!!!). However, do not be fooled by the natural-esque of this beauty upon your eyes.

Lebanese women are smart women and do know how to take care of themselves, which gives us an upper hand to the neighboring countries’ female population. However I would like to pinpoint the use of plastic surgery among the lebanese women and young teens as well (yes yes …..)

First of all let me proudly inform you that we are the first middle eastern country (if not in the world, and am not exaggerating) that had a bank offer “plastic surgery loans”; yes you cant afford it? we will buy you a nose, breasts or lip enhancement, just name it and you will walk out as brand as new literally)

I know pathetic!!! YET TRUE!

Now do not get me wrong I am not totally against plastic surgery; I do acknowledge that some women and men need to resort to surgeries like in the case of broken nose, or flat chest for women. However, in my country, the most perfect women go under the knife to enhance their chests, narrow their nose and re-look their jaw. And let us not forget the most common surgery being lippo-succion (god how do they even let themselves get pumped out of fat like a farmer milking his best cow!!!). What is funny is that most of them do it out of boredom and/or jealousy from their best friends, neighbors and worse enemies.

It is one thing to have plastic surgery done and another thing to be having a population of women who have gone under the knife to look alike. Remember the movie ” The Stepford Wives”? Well we can say that we have the same concept over here but when talking about physical beauty ; the trend being to look like your favorite arabic singer, whether its Nancy Ajram or Elissa.

Now Do not tell me these two are not look-alikes… YES they are two different women and role models to a lot of youngsters carrying plastic surgeries to look like them! Quite frankly they are not my taste of beauty since I appreciate more the natural european look! (oh well but who am I, certainly not a khalijee “connaisseur” in women! lol).

Last but not least, not to while ago I was watching on tv a documentary about a Medical center solely for plastic surgery; they were informing , more of, raising awareness (hehe!) among us of the procedures offered there. What was funny was that they interviewed a young girl, who displayed being 21 years old checking in to have a regular botox. WTF????? Botox at 21!!! and if that was not enough she proudly divulge us, the whole viewers of lebanon watching at that same moment ( i really do not want to imagine how many were tuned), that she had already done her boobs and nose and lips!! 21 years old… people HELLO!!!…. what a shame!! I would sue or more importantly break the neck of the doctor who undergoes surgery to a 21 year old especially if it were my daughter!!! shouldn’t there be parental guidance?? mmmm….

I understand we all want to look beautiful and the prettiest women in the eyes of the world. However if this trend continues at this alarming pace (which it will) I hope not to wake up someday to the clones of Cirque du Soleil loose in the streets of Beirut.

Toodles….. 😉


Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

4 thoughts on “Silicon Valley of the Middle East”

  1. Ma petite ecrivaine en herbe!!!!! jtmmm 😀
    love the article btw, cirque du soleil eh? 😛 hehe ❤

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