Pouring Cats & Dogs over Beirut

I think that every citizen of Lebanon has wondered why is it that every time a storm hits  its coast, the situation should be as chaotic as a war declared by a rebel group in a foreign country.

Mind that hereafter there is a commotion being ensued that we can label as ” the struggle of the fittest”.

A few hours ago, I was enjoying my coffee in the lovely neighborhood of Hamra with a friend. It was a sunny morning, the street was empty apart from a few cars passing by, and pedestrians minding their own business, window shopping.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the sky turned gray and without any warning, rain started to pour down. You might think, yeah typical rainy day. Oh how i wished it was so;  but I can assure you that rain (and storm) in Lebanon is not your typical European light shower you witness.

First of all, the amount of rain that falls from the sky bewilders any person with his right mind; one might even stretch his mind and think, is God punishing the citizens of Lebanon (though i believe they ought to be punished..however…)Furthermore, the weight of the rain hits a person a  big slap on his face and gives a moonwalker a giant wake up call literally.

What happened at that split second? From where I was sitting, and with no exaggeration,the street  filled with honking cars that reminded me of  Oxford Street in London during rush hour (well at least with the British you can cross out the honking part!!).

It hit me: what in the name of God just happened?

Are we, as Lebanese, scared from rain and avoid it like the plague?

Why is it that every time it rains, people should turn into frenzy and rush to their cars ?

I enjoy the rain, the storm, the sound of the thunder, the cool breeze, the gray color and would not mind walking under its drops.

Everything in Lebanon happens fast, hits its citizen unexpectedly whether its political instability, war and god bless weather change!!!

One should not forget the best part of such situation: the traffic jam!!!

While I was stuck in traffic for almost 30 minutes non stop in one of the narrow streets leading to my house (which in normal times take me up to maximum 10minutes) it hit me : the cause of all this madness is the traffic lights that stopped from working and from all sides only the orange light is blinking warning our law-abiding citizens to take extreme measures in letting each other cross the intersection. Hah what a joke!!!! Lebanese till this moment have not proved themselves in ruling their own country…how would they manage a simple crossroad?

Since when do traffic light rely solely on mother nature? Who is to blame for the inadequacy of these tools to properly work when mostly needed?

Oh well, let us be assured that the winter days are almost over and knowing my compatriots, everyone is impatiently waiting for the summer time (sea, sun and tan..yeayyy!!!) though that season has its own drawbacks which will be discussed someday (I promise).

For the moment let us bear another week of rain and its punishment upon us and waver a solid goodbye to the winter season when the time comes.


Author: Patyl-Astrid

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the common place, the slaves of the ordinary." Cecile Beaton

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